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dotmailer’s resource center is regularly updated with all the latest email marketing practices as well as our latest whitepapers. And because we know you like to be able to see what resources we have which are relevant to your specific industry or target audience (e.g. CRM, Ecommerce, B2B or B2C), we have tried to categorize our resource center so it’s easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, first time, every time.

Benchmark report: Hitting the Mark 2015-16

Measure your email marketing strategy against top US & UK retailers

Today’s retail environment – and most certainly tomorrow’s – is no longer about linear marketing in which the retailer pushes the message to the consumer. The balance of power is far more complex and the consumer far more powerful. Retailers must ensure that their message always strikes the right chord.

  • Find out which retailers are leading from the front in email marketing and ecommerce
  • Gain a detailed understanding of current marketing trends within the retail industry
  • Learn how retailers are using multichannel to adapt to the needs of the customer
  • Glean inspiration for your marketing via best practice examples
  • Pick up a complete toolkit for maximizing ROI from email and ecommerce

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  • dotmailer 15four: a release to keep things simple

    We know what it's like. The anticipation. The impending excitement keeping you awake the night before. Knowing that you've been really good. But the wait for all of us is over: the new dotmailer is here. We're sure it will bring you everything you wanted (maybe more!), and we won't even expect a th ...
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  • AccountInsight: your own custom dotmailer database

    Our latest major release included powerful advanced personalization using Liquid mark-up. But what may have gone unnoticed is that we also included a new form of data storage to power your email content: AccountInsight. Insight data is your very own database inside dotmailer, taking you beyond the ...
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  • Your channel or mine?

    With 72% of consumers wanting an integrated marketing approach (1) and content published on two or three channels having a 24% increase in engagement, why wouldn't marketers be looking into ways of communicating with their customers via multiple channels? dotmailer has traditionally been known as a ...
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