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First impressions matter most – Why do a welcome program?

A solid welcome program forms the foundation for any successful automated email campaign, but is often overlooked. It would seem many marketers need to go back to basics and consider just how valuable welcome programs can be…

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How dotmailer can help you become CASL compliant

Our Client Services Director, Skip Fidura, has talked about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation before. His blog article is a great place to learn how (and why) it affects you.…
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  2. EasySpeedy: How editing campaigns is now quicker than ever

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Meet Magento New York – The low down

I was recently asked at Magento Live London what is was that I enjoyed about working with Magento and for me it was quite simple:…
  1. The fixture of the year for senior marketers in sport

  2. Live the Dream in San Francisco

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  • Before we had dotmailer, we really were writing emails and sending them into a black hole

    Mike Sinnerton, Assistant Communications Manager
  • dotmailer has slashed the time taken to create emails, dramatically.