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Announcing: dotmailer, just better

Michael Duxbury, our Head of Product Delivery, announces the new and improved dotmailer design. I’ll let you into a secret: I’ve never loved the dotmailer interface. This may seem a strange thing for me to say considering…

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The ‘Pub Conversationalist’ principle (or, ‘How not to creep out your new customers’)

If you’ve ever seen Skip Fidura, dotmailer Client Services Director, at one of his talks, you’ll know about his ‘Creepy-Guy-in-the-Pub’ principle. But what actually is…
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One Last Push: Program builder goes live!

After this week’s major deploy, you’d be forgiven that the product development team would be resting on their laurels. Not so! Not content with simply giving…
  1. Announcing: dotmailer, just better

  2. Going Native – dotMailer with Magento ‘Baked In’

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  • Before we had dotmailer, we really were writing emails and sending them into a black hole

    Mike Sinnerton, Assistant Communications Manager
  • dotmailer has slashed the time taken to create emails, dramatically.