Grow your data

Grow your data quickly and easily

At a glance

  • Store information in up to 400 data fields
  • Sync and store data from existing systems
  • Seamless integration with our survey tool

Extend your knowledge of your customers to much more than just their name and email address by using data fields. 

Like everything in dotmailer it's quick and easy to do. Use our survey tool to capture more data, and sync this directly to your contact records. Or bolster your records further by integrating with your existing system, such as Magento, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Extend your knowledge of your customer

Contact data fields

Create up to 400 data fields to store information against customers in your account. The more useful data you can collect on them, the more you can segment, target and personalise your campaigns and generate better response rates.


As dotmailer integrates with best-in-class technologies, you can pull contact data from your existing systems to trigger email campaigns such as newsletters, special offers and abandoned cart emails. 

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Seamless survey data synchronization

Grow your lists and keep them healthy

Grow and enrich your email database with minimum effort and maximum results. Our surveys and forms tool is seamlessly integrated within dotmailer, so you can:

  • Automatically feed captured data into your dotmailer account, updating your segments in real-time and building a profile of your contacts
  • Dynamically tailor your survey based on the answers you receive
  • Automate event and 'sign-up' campaigns with integrated triggered emails based on survey submissions
  • Personalize forms by automatically pre-filling survey fields with data you already hold on your contacts in dotmailer, to boost submission
  • Automatically clean, update and enrich your marketing database so your contact data doesn't go stale

Our platform is built to play well with other systems

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