Achieve optimum delivery rates

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First-rate sending support

Through our dedicated Deliverability team, dotmailer customers have access to a high-spec delivery toolkit anytime, anywhere. You’ll benefit from a multi-level team of experienced strategists and technicians who’ll empower you to achieve industry-leading delivery.

Comprehensive prospect vetting

Every prospective dotmailer client goes through a variety of checks to make sure they’ll fit with our existing users’ sparkling reputation.

Ultimate inbox domination

We'll help you make it there

IP ramp-up and warming strategies

This ensures that your mail streams are properly introduced to the internet and helps you hit the inbox every time.

Abuse monitoring and proactive de-listing

To preserve your sending reputation, we operate a zero-tolerance policy on spam practice. All of our deliverability consultants receive texts in real time so that any emergencies can be mitigated in the moment.

Your protection is our priority

We're pioneers of deliverability best practice

Industry relations

The world of data-driven tech is trust-based, so we work hard to foster mutual respect with multiple escalation partners from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to FBI Infraguard. We’re also involved in industry business continuance planning (BCP), allowing us to action your needs more effectively.

Compliance, privacy and data protection

Be it brand new regulations or legal business as usual, we make it our business to stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on creating brilliant email strategy.

Trust Center

Protecting email marketers around the world

Find out more about dotmailer’s commitment to ensuring our customers’ data is safe, protected and secure.

Trust Center