Packages to suit all businesses

Transform your vision into a reality with a package that suits your budget and business needs.
Plus we also offer custom solutions for larger companies.


For smaller, aspiring
marketing teams.

$500 /month

30,000 contacts + $70 per 2k extra Free platform demo

Includes the following features:

  • Email marketing
  • Automation program builder
  • Landing pages
  • Surveys and forms
  • Advanced reporting
  • Contact insight data
  • Transactional email


For larger, advanced marketing teams looking to seamlessly integrate their marketing programs outside of email.

$1,750 /month

120,000 contacts + $20 per 2k extra Free platform demo

Includes professional features plus:

  • Lead scoring
  • Advanced landing pages
  • Account insight data
  • Channel extensions
  • Chat support


For larger customers looking for a performance email marketing automation package tailored to their business needs.

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Are there any overage fees?

We don’t charge overage fees, however our contacts-based pricing system means you should purchase the right package to match your marketing needs and business growth. As your database grows, you can opt for the next level up – whether it be professional or ultimate – or you can choose to bolt on an extra 2,000 contacts for a small fee.

How does the free platform tour work?

A free trial lets you try dotmailer’s ultimate package for 30 days, including access to our training videos and knowledge base. You’ll find that there are a couple of limits on the software, like the number of emails you can send. But other than that, you’ll get to experience the full depth and breadth of the dotmailer platform.

Are there any separate email sending fees?

No, your email costs are tied to the number of contacts in your system. You can email the contacts within your package up to 10 times per month, which works out at around one email every other business day. If you want to send even more than that, you can purchase more contacts and increase your total monthly email send limit.

Do I need to pay for onboarding?

Onboarding is completely optional, so if you have a complex migration - or perhaps you'd just prefer a helping hand - then our onboarding service could be for you. We'll help you migrate successfully from your current supplier to us, supporting you and arming you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective email marketers - and fast. You'll also get a dedicated onboarding manager to see things through.