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Collect customer data faster and smarter with our drag & drop survey and form builder.

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Use our survey tool to capture more data and sync it directly to your contact records. You can store information in up to 400 data fields and, like everything in dotmailer, it’s super quick and easy to do.

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Emulate your website pages

No code? No problem, thanks to our CopyKat tool.

Your brand style in three clicks

Our CopyKat tool will create a survey perfectly matching your brand and website. Type the address of the page you want to copy, and your survey will even retain the working menu and navigation links from your site.

You're in control

There's no need for developers, coders, website designers or IT. And they’ll automatically work in your responsive website.

Optimized for any device

Fabulous forms that favor the fat-fingered.

Build your own forms

Filling out forms on mobile devices used to be such a drag. But not anymore, thanks to dotmailer surveys & forms. Use the drag & drop functionality to easily build your own forms, or our library of pre-built templates.

Always mobile-responsive

What’s more, they’re fully mobile-responsive so, no matter which devices your customers are using, your surveys will be easy to complete. And don’t worry about complex questions types like Likerts; they’ll automatically change to radio buttons and stack on touchscreen devices.

Survey branching

Only show the questions that are relevant to your respondents.

Create multiple survey routes

Use your customer data to create smarter surveys that save time and confusion. Page branching allows you to create surveys with multiple routes, so respondents only see the questions appropriate to them.

Works with three+ pages

If you’ve got three or more pages of dropdown or multiple-choice questions, you can start setting rules that send respondents on the right path. For instance, you could use age as a way to divert people.

20,000 new sign-ups in 3 months

Barbour used a popover to maximize list acquisition.

In the three months after the popover was implemented, we signed up over 20,000 new people.

Elaine Taylor, UK Ecommerce Manager, Barbour


Initiate compelling one-to-one conversations. The only limit is your data.

Build with surveys & forms

Our surveys & forms tool lets you create popovers for your website. Popovers are a great way to grow your contact list and they’re customizable, so you can make them on brand (and add an incentive to encourage even more sign-ups).

Choose where and when

You can choose which website pages you want the popover to appear on and when you want it to pop up. And, of course, all the data you collect goes straight into your database.

Progressive profiling

Increase your form conversions and enrich your data over time.

Create a better UX

Collecting information is a catch 22 situation for marketers: you want to collect and enrich as much data on your contacts as possible, yet you don’t want to overwhelm them with lengthy forms.

And get better results

Adopt the progressive profiling approach and you’ll see an improvement in engagements, ROI and better results overall. Our surveys & forms tool lets you integrate data fields in your emails and website, at appropriate points in a customer’s journey with your brand.