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Know your email strategy inside out with ease. Our reporting suite gives you real-time results so you can stay up to speed and act fast.

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We know you’re busy people, but we also know knowledge is power. So we've designed our reporting suite in such a way that you can quickly analyze your data to refine your marketing, and ultimately improve your ROI.

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Real-time campaign reporting

Know what’s happening in the moment it happens.

Make decisions using live data

With graphical reports, fully exportable data, automated email updates and personalized reports, you can easily analyze, share and act on the data. Here’s a glimpse of what makes dotmailer’s reporting really hot:

  • Check in on delivery and open rates, and bounces and unsubscribes
  • See links clicked (by link name and destinations URL) and pages viewed
  • Look at emails forwarded and replies, and emails shared on social networks
  • Campaign comparison reports
  • Web link groups and campaign category reports
  • ROI tracking
  • Individual customer actions and engagements
  • Schedule personalized reports to be sent to up to five people – daily or weekly
  • Auto-generates lists of hot leads for follow-up

Contact-level reporting

Get a clear picture of every contact.

Up close and personal

Better understand the behavior of your customers and how engaged they are with your brand at a really granular level.

Every customer in your dotmailer account has a contact activity report, which details every email you’ve sent them, what automation programs they’re entered into, and what address books or segments they’re in. You can see how they’ve engaged with your emails, and track how they’ve interacted with your automation programs.

Advanced tracking

Deeper insights that aren't deep-rooted.

Geo mapping and tracking

Pinpoint your hottest areas for geographical targeting. See at a glance where your best customers and prospects are located, even if you don't have their address data in your database.

You can instantly create data segments from these hotspots and target your customers with location-based offers and personalization.

ROI tracking

ROI tracking gives you a greater appreciation of your campaigns' ROI conversion rates.

Set up site and ROI tracking for your account, and you can track the journey of contacts who go on to access your website via links in your campaigns. Track ROI values for those same customers if you're an ecommerce business and split test campaigns using ROI metrics.

Integrated social tracking

Our social sharing tool enables your recipients to share your email on their social networks with a single click.

dotmailer's reporting suite can track the number of social shares and views per campaign. And you can use this data to identify the best-performing social network links specific to your audience, and extend your social media reach even further.

Campaign comparison

Spot trends and insights early by comparing campaigns side by side.

Focus in the right places

Want to find your best-performing email campaign, split test variation, category or web link group? Campaign comparison makes it simple to do side-by-side analysis and turn those reports into revenue, enabling you to focus your efforts in the right place.

Easy filtering

Filter your analysis by any variable in your data, and then use your findings to create the best-performing dynamic content and contact lists.

Email client analysis

See what email clients your clients and customers are using.

Understand customers' behavior

Getting your email templates right means knowing accurately what your recipients are reading them on. With our email client analysis tool you get this information at a glance, for each of your campaigns. It helps you quickly and easily understand your customer’s behavior, and help maximize the response rates.

Optimize your creatives

Our reporting suite includes a detailed analysis and breakdown of what client, device or platform your email was opened on. This data is essential when it comes to optimizing the design and content of your emails.