Product recommendations

Get shopper buy-in with dotmailer product recommendations, ready to drag and drop when you are.

The not-to-be-missed building block for email

Product recommendations increase sales, AOV and engagement

The obvious choice

Product recommendations are a no-brainer when you consider that personalized emails drive a double-digit lift in click through rates and sales conversions. Shoppers who click on product recommendations are also more engaged and more likely to repeat-shop with you in future.

Relevance is key 

Surveys and studies show that 80+% of consumers say personalized product recommendations play a significant role in their purchase decisions when shopping online. They’ll also be more inclined to share personal data with you, if you offer them relevant content in return.

As simple as drag-and-drop

Available to use in EasyEditor

Get started

If you’re already sync’ing your products and orders with dotmailer, then you can now use our new product recommendation block in EasyEditor. If you need to get your data sync’d, then you can use our market-leading ecommerce integrations or our API to build your own.

Best foot forward

Best-sellers make the list for a reason. So it makes complete sense to share those products with your contact base. Nothing is as persuasive as showing what other people are already buying. 

Supercharge your emails with the dotmailer x Nosto extension

Deliver one-to-one email personalization in real-time

Individualizes product recommendations

The dotmailer x Nosto product recommendation extension lets you tailor your product recommendations to each individual contact based on their behaviour with you. Simply select whether you want to show products based on recent browsing behaviour, purchase data, or average order value, and our extension does the rest.

Case study: Gill Marine

Tailored recommendations drive conversions

The dotmailer x Nosto widget has enabled our small department to become better marketers, allowing us to create more relevant content, which has improved campaign conversion. The easy-to-use drag and drop feature in dotmailer makes the process very simple too!

Jennie Rose, Gill Marine

You need a future-proof platform

Marketing automation and personalization needs are becoming more complex

Big data problems? We're ready to solve them

Our partnership with Google lets us shift huge data workloads in a time that other platforms simply can’t match. Built on BigQuery, dotmailer now lets you store and use billions of rows of business data – from products, to orders, to carts, to web analytics, and more.

This means you can now use this data to create infinitely complex segmentation, advanced personalization, and automation triggers. Google BigQuery future-proofs our platform, allowing us to keep ahead of industry demands and deliver powerful new features that ensure your marketing ambitions can be met and your customers can be delighted.