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Know your customers, inside and out. Our data tools help you identify and track your customers and prospects, empowering you to be more relevant and unlock ROI.

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Be predictive, not reactive

From a single click in an email to other online campaigns, you can monitor customers’ and prospects’ behavior on your site with WebInsight and our other tracking tools. dotmailer lets you take this insight and create decisions in your automations to make your messaging really hit home.

Plays well with other systems

Magento, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics. We’ve created approved connectors for major CRMs and ecommerce platforms that enable you to access and utilize valuable data in one place. Real-time data synchronization means no manual data imports – giving you the power to be more responsive.

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Smarter segmentation

Simple or sophisticated, our drag & drop segment builder makes any targeting easy.

Increase customer engagement

Using demographical or response history data to segment your contacts into meaningful groups greatly improves your chances of engagement.

No complex data mining

Whether you want to do simple things like target by gender, or more sophisticated aiming based on web behavior, you can drag & drop queries and build segments in seconds. There’s no need for complicated data mining, and you can retrieve query counts in a flash.

Lead scoring

Our Engagement Scorer lets you get a firmer handle on your leads.

Flexible scoring system

Enjoy the flexibility of scoring customers how you want and then using the insight to do smarter marketing. Create as many rules as you need, by setting scores based on email opens, clicks, page views, downloads, competition completions, purchase history… the options are endless.

See results in real time

With Engagement Scorer, you can see how your contacts have (or haven’t) responded to your emails through the number of opens, clicks and replies - and in real time. Automatically filter out contacts who don’t meet your requirements and free up time to concentrate on warming up others, or generating more.

Don't lose touch...

Introducing: ConsentInsight

ConsentInsight in dotmailer

With new regulations coming into place, our vision was for every customer to be able to store, at no cost, the precise consent text that every one of their contacts agreed to. ConsentInsight stores five elements of consent in our platform: consent text, URL, IP address, user agent and consent date & time. We also store (at minimum) the last five instances in which a contact consented to receive communications from you.

Available in segment builder

You can also use all five consent elements in your segmentation, meaning you can segment contacts depending on the consent information you hold against that contact. 

Using customer insight to drive automated programs drives returns for FAIRFX.

The FAQs section of FAIRFX’s website was generating a lot of traffic. Using WebInsight data, FAIRFX created a series of mails that answered these questions before people asked them, reducing calls and improving the customer experience.

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Preference centers

Keep customers’ preferences up to date, and keep your communications relevant.

Build with surveys & forms

Create a preference center that puts contacts in control of the emails they receive from you. It keeps your marketing list squeaky-clean, your unsubscribe rate down, and your open rates up. And you can build it with our easy-to-use surveys & forms tool.

Unsubscribe in two clicks

It’s inevitable that some people will want to leave your list. So avoid spam complaints and make it easy for them to unsubscribe. In just two clicks they’ll be able to leave your list and the email address will be instantly suppressed.

OrderInsight and web browsing data

Unlock the power of your customers' ecommerce data and maximize your ROI.

Use past order data

Create quick and easy targeted, personalized email marketing content based on people’s past orders. OrderInsight empowers you to quickly and easily data-mine your customer base to identify the best by frequency, value, purhase date and product category – and sell more to them.

And web browse history

What's more, customers' WebInsight browsing data can be used alongside your standard contact data fields, transactional data and any email behavioral queries, for more targeted messages and uplifted engagement.

Data management

Data Watchdog: making sure your data is well managed.

Industry-leading safeguards

To ensure you send the right email to the right person at the right time, we have a host of industry-leading safeguards in place to help protect your reputation – and ours. No other email service provider is as committed as dotmailer to protecting your reputation and improving delivery rates.

Your Data Watchdog

Data Watchdog is a unique, predictive system that uses a complex set of algorithms, checks and intelligent analysis tools. It detects and actively prevents you from sending emails that may cause complaints and issues.

Commerce Flow

Utilize the data from your online store.

Connect your store

dotmailer’s Commerce Flow will soon be able to connect to over 50% of the worlds online stores, enabling retailers to engage their customers and drive record returns. Connecting your online store to dotmailer will mean that contact, product and order data automatically flows into your account to supercharge your email marketing.

Engage customers and drive sales

Our drag & drop program builder lets you build out automated email programs with speed and ease. Once you’ve set up Commerce Flow you can automatically mail new subscribers to engage every new contact. Plus, on Shopify and Shopify Plus you can design a campaign for someone who doesn’t complete their checkout to recover lost revenue.