Email marketing

Creating, testing and sending beautiful emails has never been quicker or easier. Our EasyEditor puts you right in the designer’s seat.

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Drag. Drop. Done.

EasyEditor is the powerful tool that lets you to customize content and create beautiful emails, without the need for a designer. It’s the starting point for your email marketing. Drag everything from columns and text to images and videos, then drop them into your template. Done.

We’ve responded to mobile. Have you?

Whether you import your own templates, have one custom designed or build them from scratch, EasyEditor is set up so every email you send is mobile-responsive. Which is pretty handy, when you realize that 70% of emails are now opened on mobile devices.

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Multi-variate testing

See what works and what doesn’t. No guesswork. No hard work.

Split testing shouldn’t be testing

The ability to test is often seen as a nice-to-have for time-poor marketers. Thankfully, dotmailer makes it so easy that testing needn’t be a testing task. Split test any aspect and variable of your campaigns’ creative and content – including the all-important subject line.

Double, or triple, click-through rates

Pick the variables and criteria you want testing, and let dotmailer do the rest. The platform will automatically analyze which variable is performing the best, then switch the remainder of your email sends to that variable. And all with full reporting, of course.

Optimized send times

Land in people’s inboxes at the right time with Send Time Optimization.

Send Time Optimization

When’s the best time to send an email? That's the million dollar question – and we’ve got the answer. With Send Time Optimization, you can automate email sends at the most likely time they’ll be opened by each individual. And all at the click of a button.

Works globally

What’s more, Send Time Optimization takes care of differences in time zones. So if you’re based in the US and are sending to a contact in the UK, it’d arrive at the optimal time in that locality.

Personalize your emails

Dynamic content lets you deliver personal conversations at scale.

One email, hundreds of possibilities

Just because you’re sending 1000s of emails doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like you’re speaking to each contact as though they’re the one and only. Send multiple variations of content to different audiences, all in one campaign, using our drag & drop dynamic content builder.

But personalization doesn’t stop there. With our automation Program Builder, you can even personalize the emails that are part of automated programs with no manual input.

PayPal button

Close sales from the inbox.

Give customers the option to bypass your site and buy straight from the email with our newly added PayPal button, available in EasyEditor.

The PayPal button radically shortens the path to purchase for non-stock-dependent products, such as digital downloads and online courses. You can add product names and IDs to track what’s been sold, and using dynamic content you can set different prices and tax rates based on your contact’s localities. There’s even a choice of two buttons – ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ – so you can test what resonates best with your contacts.

Inbox email previews

Ensure the emails you send look good not rubbish, and get read not trashed.

Proof your email campaigns

To make sure your emails get the seal of approval, dotmailer allows you to test send an unlimited number of times to up to 20 addresses. What’s more, Inbox Preview lets you review your email in over 50 key email clients before you hit send.

Advanced spam checking

To maximize your inbox placement, deliverabiity and open rates, you'll get an advanced Spam Checker that provides you with a detailed breakdown of how your content and code scores against all the key spam filters in use.

Transactional emails

Give your most-opened emails some much-needed TLC.

The emails that get read most

It’s no surprise that transactional emails, like order confirmations and alerts, get click-through rates seven to eight times higher than marketing emails. They’re usually triggered by customer-initiated actions, after all.

Send them via dotmailer

So why not give your transactional emails the best chance of getting delivered and remembered by sending them through dotmailer. Customize them with your branding and use our reporting tools to check the all-important stats, like open, click and bounce rates.