Marketing automation

Use our super-easy Program Builder to create simple or complex marketing automation programs in minutes.

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Watch our 4-minute feature tour and find out how our Program Builder removes the complexities of automation.

Drag & drop, not flag & stop

Building automated email programs shouldn’t be (and isn’t) complicated with our drag & drop Program Builder. Visually map out your email campaigns in a flash and create decisions based on customer behavior, date, event, lead score or segmentation rule.

Lifecycle communications

From the welcome email to re-engagement campaigns, you can build an entire set of automated email programs that engage customers throughout their journey with your brand. Set it all up in the Program Builder and let dotmailer do the rest of the work for you.

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Lead nurturing

Engagement Scorer lets you take the lead in lead nurturing.

You set the rules

Put yourself in complete control of how to determine cold contacts from hot leads with our incisive Engagement Scorer.

You can score contacts on their behavior (how they engage with your dotmailer emails, surveys and landing pages) and their identity, then combine both into an overall third score, which lets you see in an instant how valuable they are, and where they are in the conversion funnel.

Multichannel marketing

Send SMS or instruct your warehouse to re-stock a product with apps and extensions.

Flexible and extendable

Whether you want to trigger an SMS, auto-manage your segments across Google AdWords and Facebook Audience with our native connectors or send a push notification to engaged app users – Program Builder is the place for you.

App Directory

Build your own marketing cloud by extending dotmailer with vetted apps. From loyalty program extensions to Meetup event sharing, you’re in complete control of your multichannel setup.

Automation saves time

Risk insurance specialist Aston Scott used automation to cut down manual tasks.

As a result of introducing email automation, we’ve saved around 20% of our time. So we had more time to invest in our other marketing activities.

Ben Read, Group Marketing Manager, Aston Scott


Intelligent email programs that start, stop and split test automatically.

Conditional waits

Let your customers move through an email automation program at their own pace. Increase engagement and conversion rates by adding in delays between campaigns, based on the speed a customer engages with you.

And it doesn’t stop at email. Wait until one of your dotmailer surveys has been completed before progressing them. Or send a reminder if they haven’t finished it.

Program-wide exclusions

By setting up simple decisions, you can automatically remove contacts from programs once they’ve performed a particular action – preventing them from receiving inappropriate emails.

For instance, you’d want to remove contacts from a nurturing program once they’ve converted. Or if they were entered into a re-engagement program, you’d remove them once they renew.

Split and optimize

Use the Program Builder to create random splits in your campaigns that test, optimize and incrementally improve your marketing.

Automatically change automation behavior after an event. For example, if your program takes place around a tradeshow you can automatically change what happens after a speaking slot.

Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned carts don’t mean abandoned sales when you implement automation.

Send automated follow-up emails

Around 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned. So give your company the best chance of clawing back those lost sales by automating alerts that tempt customers back to complete the sale.

Whether you choose the dotmailer abandoned carts module or use another abandoned cart feature through your ecommerce platform, it’s all possible with dotmailer.