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Create killer responsive creatives with EasyEditor in a few drags and drops, split test campaigns in a matter of clicks, and use our dynamic content module to deliver personalized messages at a scale you never thought possible.

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The dotmailer guys have made sure that we get all the correct elements in place and this is giving us a terrific foundation.

Elaine Taylor, Ecommerce Manager

We specifically chose dotmailer with Magento in mind, knowing that it has the most complete connector in the marketplace.

Jonny Stewart, Head of Ecommerce for ELEMIS

Make your marketing not feel like marketing.

Deliver the emails that can revolutionize your customer’s experience.

Send meaningful messages

Send the emails that really mean something. Easily access past and present data to predict what your customers want, and then act on it fast at all stages of their journey.

Initiate one-to-one conversations

The best emails are the ones that feel like they were meant for you. And with our personalization tools, you can make every contact feel that way.

It’s not the size of your list. It’s the way you use it.

Quality and quantity means you can send big and intelligently.

Bigger and richer

Quality over quantity is great, but quality and quantity is better. Our surveys & forms tool lets you create popovers that can grow your list quickly, while also enabling you to easily build forms that enrich the customer data you have.

Send big but intelligently

One-size-fits-all emails don’t get the reactions and results your business needs. Use our segmentation tool to create the contact groups that convert best, and let our Program Builder automate meaningful messages at mass.

If you don’t send, they can’t spend

Send more, and better, emails and drive up your revenue.

Sending more doesn’t cost more

Use the most personal and cost-effective marketing channel to connect with your customers, with our contact-based (not send-based) pricing structure. So the only thing that'll increase is your ROI.

Smarter commerce marketing

dotmailer for Magento offers the most advanced and scalable Magento 1 and 2 extension in the marketplace. It delivers all tools and you need to become a smarter ecommerce marketer.

Deeper engagements drive ROI

If you’ve got relevant things to say to each of your segments, you’ve got the opportunity to better engage your customers and drive up overall revenue. What's more, dotmailer lets you build segments in a few drags and drops.