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Re-engagement program Kickstarter

Rekindle the love with lost customers and subscribers with our re-engagement program Kickstarter.

Respect, effort and flexibility are key to ensuring the relationship between you and your customers remain happy and long-lasting. Segmenting customers, personalizing content and automating the process humanizes interactions, making your contacts feel valued. But despite all your efforts, sometimes your best just isn’t good enough.

Reviving the interest of unengaged subscribers by adjusting your approach is a great way to increase ROI from your email marketing.

Why should I engage with a re-engagement program?

  • Recapture the attention of inactive subscribers and gain more exposure for your product/service
  • Increase the relevancy of your email marketing by identifying and reacting to customer preferences
  • Improve inbox deliverability and sender reputation by removing inactive contacts from your list
  • Cut costs by reducing ineffective marketing to disinterested contacts

What will I get with the Kickstarter?

Our team will build the email program in your account, create the email templates, sign-up form and survey form, and test it all to make sure everything works.

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