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Birthday and anniversary program Kickstarter

The birthday and anniversary program is the Kickstarter that keeps on giving.

Make your customers love you even more by remembering their birthday, wedding anniversary, purchase anniversary or account registration anniversary.

Birthday and anniversary emails are more successful at engaging customers, generating higher open rates, revenue and transactions than standard promotional emails. It’s a significant email, and with a personalized subject line, can achieve a 60% –100% open rate.

Why should I invest in the birthday and anniversary Kickstarter?

  • Birthdays/anniversaries are a celebration – so it’s a chance to have fun and be remembered
  • It’s an opportunity to thank your customers for being loyal
  • It makes your customers feel special and shows you’ve taken the time to know them
  • Personalized messages enhance your results and add a human touch to your brand
  • Fosters advocacy by offering a free gift or a discount on special occasions

What will I get with the Kickstarter?

Our team will build the email program in your account, create the email templates, sign-up form and survey form, and test it all to make sure everything works.

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