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Email marketers struggling to move beyond the basics

Joseph Brookes from Which-50 Media provides key findings from dotmailer's Hitting the Mark report. Summarized in an infographic, the global research conducted by dotmailer delves into the customer experience and email marketing programs of 100 ecommerce brands. With a wide gap between the leaders and runners up, the laggards risk being left behind. 

Four automation programs that'll put you ahead of the game

The general consensus is that marketing automation is here to stay. With more than 70 percent of businesses using or implementing a marketing automation platform, the benefits are clearly recognized by marketers. Commenting in PowerRetail, dotmailer Founder & President, Tink Taylor, highlights the must-do automation programs that make brands stand out in the inbox.  

What are the leaders in email doing right, and how can brands replicate their success?

Power Retail takes a deep-dive into dotmailer's Hitting the Mark Australia edition, commenting on the successes of retail brands The Iconic and SurfStitch. Rohan Lock, Regional Director of APAC at dotmailer, highlights that although 80% of Aussie retailers aren't segmenting their audiences, the future of email is bright. Email is in a constant state of evolution, and to attract and retain customers, marketers will need to integrate emerging tech with their existing strategies.    

More sophistication required from Australia's online retailers

Which-50 Media has featured an informative video with Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA Network, and dotmailer Regional Director of APAC, Rohan Lock. Watch the video to learn about the Aussie brands that are hitting the mark with their email marketing, as well as those falling short. 

Growing your business via a cross-channel approach

Tink Taylor, Founder and President of dotmailer, discusses how important it is for retailers to implement a cross-channel marketing strategy. The increasing popularity of multiple social media platforms has seen cross-channel consumers become the norm. They are engaging with brands on several fronts and the expectation is that businesses need to provide a seamless experience across all channels.

#TemandoTips: inspired from Hitting the Mark Australia

Aparna Gray, Head of Marketing APAC at dotmailer, shares her top #TemandoTips. Commenting in Temando, Aparna discusses the Australian edition of Hitting the Mark, delving into the top-level findings and marketing practices of Aussie retailers.  

Nine top GDPR tips for email marketing

IT Pro highlights the ways businesses can stay on top of GDPR, with supporting commentary from Skip Fidura, dotmailer's Insight & Strategy Director. In what's been a period of fear-mongering in digital marketing circles, Fidura argues that there's no need for businesses to panic. 

Hints of excellence, but few Australian retailers deliver great email marketing experiences

Some leading Australian retailers demonstrate strong capabilities in email marketing, but few do so across the board, and stand out performers remain the exception and not the rule. Most retailers are still leaving substantial money on the table by failing to execute the basics well.

GDPR is an opportunity for SMEs

GDPR, easily thought of as punitive and draconian, should instead be considered as an opportunity for SMEs to become better data stewards, comments Skip Fidura, Insight and Strategy Director at dotmailer.  

Businesses are still struggling to use digital marketing tools effectively

London loves Business draws out key themes unearthed in dotmailer's 2018 Hitting the Mark report. The study found that two-thirds of brands are still not using any form of audience segmentation, failing to take into consideration the individual preferences and needs of their customers. Subsequently, they're inspiring little action in the inbox.  


How do Australian retailers stack up against their US and UK rivals?

PowerRetail looks at the key differences between Australian and US/UK retailers in the global edition of Hitting the Mark. The annual benchmark report conduced by dotmailer analyzes the email marketing strategies and customer experience of 100 global brands, highlighting their winning tactics and common pitfalls.   

Brands down under overlook simple digital marketing tactics

Internet Retailing digests the findings from dotmailer's annual Hitting the Mark report. One regional trend spotted was that Australian businesses are overlooking some of the most basic digital marketing capabilities and are likely missing out on substantial ROI as a result. Although only one Australian brand (The Iconic) ranked in dotmailer’s list of top 10 global brands, the retailer did come second over all. 


Which Aussie retailers are nailing their marketing strategies?

PowerRetail delves knee-deep into dotmailer's Australian edition of its benchmark report, Hitting the Mark. The extensive study examined the email marketing practices and customer experience of 20 APAC brands, highlighting how the leaders are getting it right and areas where the laggards are going wrong.  

How to grow your customer engagement with landing pages

dotmailer Founder & President, Tink Taylor, takes a closer look at how website landing pages can help boost customer engagement and drive more online revenue. Technology has completely revolutionized how consumers buy products, and while many now find themselves time poor, it's essential marketers provide a concise and relevant offering that cuts through the noise. 

CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 26 April 2018

dotmailer has taken the wrappers off new #OmniChannel features aimed at enhancing its existing marketing automation platform. With a host of new channels now available, including SMS and Facebook Messenger, automated retargeting across Google AdWords and Facebook Audiences, and in-email product recommendations, this development aims to empower brands to engage more effectively with their customers. Check out the full story in CMO Australia.

GDPR: failing customers should be a bigger worry for businesses than official penalties

IT Pro comments that GDPR fines shouldn't be the biggest concern for marketers. According to Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, businesses should be more concerned about the reputational damage that arises from not acting in customers' best interests. 

GDPR: An opportunity for SMEs

GDPR: Report, providing all the latest news and comment on GDPR, features in its article commentary from Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer. In this piece, Fidura discusses the GDPR in an opportunistic light, stating that companies should better their practices in line with the new regulations.  

Marketers are being hamstrung by ageing technology

Rapid technological growth has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to seperate marketing strategy from technology. Tink Taylor, President & Founder of dotmailer, talks to Which-50 Media about the need for martech companies to update their archaic systems, for technology that can accommodate the modern demands of the ecommerce industry. To keep up with consumer preferences, the dotmailer platform offers indsutry leading omnichannel capabilities. 

Think locally, act globally. Don't miss out on the opportunities to grow.

How can you grow globally and think locally at the same time? Tink Taylor, Founder & President at dotmailer, gave his advice on this issue at the 'Go Global Think Local' event in Hong Kong earlier this month. Tink was joined by speakers from Shopify Plus, SmartOSC and Jess Haoran Chen from Lumos Helmet. 

2018: The Year of Experimentation in Marketing

Tink Taylor, dotmailer Founder and President, looks at how brands are experimenting with data to enhance the customer experience. 

Consumer tricks to game the system

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, presents his ideas on how to effectively engage with today's savvy customers. Drawing inspiration from dotmailer's whitepaper, titled 'Gaming the system', Fidura comments in Bdaily News that consumers will actively opt-in to emails or abandon their online carts in pursuit of discounts. Brands are being outmaneuvered by hyper-consumers and need to respond by getting to know their audiences better.  

Consumer and consent are at the heart of GDPR

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, provides commentary for Minutehack on the GDPR and its simplistic core principles. Both consumer and consent will play a big part once the law comes into effect on 25th May 2018.  

How small businesses with limited resources can win big with ecommerce

Regional Director of APAC for dotmailer, Rohan Lock, discusses how small businesses with limited resources can establish an effective ecommerce presence that captivates new and existing shoppers. 

GDPR to inspire opportunities for businesses

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, presents his view on the GDPR in BQ. With stricter rules and heavy financial penalties for non-compliance, the GDPR is a significant step forward for data privacy and consumers’ rights.

Preparing retail marketers for the GDPR

dotmailer Founder and President, Tink Taylor, talks through the implications of GDPR for Australian retailers trading in Europe. 

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