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Cultivate an Emotional Connection to Drive Consumer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the most beneficial brand advocates a company could ask for. Here, Tink Taylor from dotmailer looks at how retailers can drive loyalty by building an emotional connection with their consumers.

Caruso’s Natural Health Talks Email Marketing Strategy

The family-owned and operated medicinal e-tailer talks about how email automation has improved its marketing efforts tenfold.

Our Highlights From Parcel Perform’s First Singapore Shopify Meetup!

It’s been a busy few weeks for our Parcel Perform team! Last Wednesday, we partnered with Shopify Partners ReferralCandy and dotmailer to organize our first Shopify Meetup! Together with the fantastic team at WeWork, merchants OliveAnkara and PerroCo, our attendees enjoyed an evening of interacting with like-minded e-commerce merchants, the Singapore Shopify team and our partners.

3 Tips For Nurturing Customers Beyond the Holiday Season

Email marketing shouldn’t be a last ditch effort to attract more sales in the lead up to the busy holiday period. If you want to make the most of your email strategy, pre and post-holiday campaigns will prove fruitful.

Five Holiday Hacks for Every Marketer: Getting Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

This guest post on the Balance Internet blog is from Rohan Lock, Regional Director APAC at dotmailer. He shares with us five holiday hacks for every marketer getting ready for the holiday shopping season.

Consent from the consumer remains as important as ever

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, discusses the post-GDPR landscape and how businesses must keep their customer at the forefront of their mind. For every brand operating in the EU - no matter the size, scope or region - the new regulation reflects the increasing value that is being placed on consumers (and their data). Skip takes a closer look at how this challenge is also an opportunity to improve the customer relationship. 

How SMS Can Help Deliver a Rich Omnichannel Customer Experience

The digital diversification of a customer’s purchase journey has made it more important than ever for retailers to implement a successful cross-channel marketing strategy. Tink Taylor looks at the role SMS marketing can play in this.

Four ways to engage customers on a mobile device

dotmailer Strategy and Insight Director, Skip Fidura, discusses the role of mobile in customer engagement. Now that the shopfront sits on the consumer's coffee table, brands are under pressure to deliver a seamless 'at home' experience. 

How Abi and Joseph increased its subscriber base by 66 per cent

Online activewear retailer explains how an email marketing transformation has driven up engagement, conversion and customer consistency. Simply switching email marketing platforms to dotmailer has seen online activewear retailer, abi and joseph, increase its subscriber base by 66 percent and lift engagement rates by 12 percent.

Four Ways to Grow Your Mailing List Through Social Media

Growing a mailing list and leveraging social media are both vital elements of strategy, but how can retailers turn social media followers into email subscribers?

Automation and data are vital for consistent messaging

Tink Taylor, the founder and president of dotmailer, looks at how automation can help ensure cross-channel marketing success. Marketing is becoming increasingly complex as it aims to cater for omnichannel customers. In this new digital industry, approximately 90% of consumers move between multiple devices per day. Consistency across channels is becoming more important than ever.  

Email marketing automation helps Aussie electrical wholesaler enter the digital age

Auslec/L&H is a wholesaler focused on the supply of electrical, industrial and safety products. The business is using the power of personalization and email marketing automation to enhance the customer experience and propel its industry sector into the digital age. Patricia Gonclaves, e-business development manager, said the key was how well the team was able to target customers and tailor the message. Through dotmailer technology, the brand's companies use transactional and behavioral data to design, test and send automated campaigns. They're already seeing tangible results. 

Hitting the Mark: marketing has evolved, have you?

BQ, the magazine that celebrates and inspires entrepreneurship, delves into this year's Hitting the Mark report. The article comments on the key findings from our research, which indicate that many organizations are making the same slip-ups, time and time again, when it comes to their digital marketing strategies. 

Email remains an important channel for marketers as consumer engagement holds strong

Marketing Week references new research from the DMA and dotmailer, which finds that consumers are opening more emails and still clicking through. B2C emails are much more likely to be opened - with a 19.7% open rate versus 15.1% for B2B. However, B2B has a higher engagement rate once opened.  

Long live email: consumers are opening more and still clicking

Digital Strategy Consulting discusses email trends identified by the DMA and dotmailer in a recent study. The research showed that consumers are continuing to engage with email; open rates and click-through rates look strong when compared to last year. High-performing sectors include Finance, Not for Profit and Retail. 

Big data isn't always beautiful. Or useful.

Which-50 deep-dives into dotmailer's recent ebook, titled 'Your pathway to smarter email automation'. The importance of data to modern marketers is undeniable, but most data that exists today is unusable. dotmailer finds that the challenge for marketers now is not data access, but determining which data is useful to analyse. 

Open rates on the increase, CTRs steady

A new DMA study sponsored by dotmailer reveals that email is as strong a channel as ever. BizReport highlights the main findings; email opens are up from last year and click-through rates remain steady. The biggest disparity is between B2C and B2B; while B2Cs enjoy higher open rates, B2Bs drive more engagement once emails are opened. 

Report highlights difference in B2C and B2B email metrics

Marketing News Tech summarizes the trends from the DMA's 2018 email benchmark report. A key takeaway was the disparity in performance between B2C and B2B. While B2C emails are more likely to be opened by recipients, B2B emails racked up 52% more clicks than their consumer-facing counterparts - a complete reversal of last year's findings.  

Yieldify partners with dotmailer to enhance customer journeys for ecommerce brands

Yieldify, the customer journey optimization (CJO) company, announced a global partnership with dotmailer, a leading marketing automation platform with omnichannel capabilities, to enable highly-personalized email marketing campaigns for the companies' shared ecommerce customer base. 

Four automation programs that'll put you ahead of the game

The general consensus is that marketing automation is here to stay. With more than 70 percent of businesses using or implementing a marketing automation platform, the benefits are clearly recognized by marketers. Commenting in PowerRetail, dotmailer Founder & President, Tink Taylor, highlights the must-do automation programs that make brands stand out in the inbox.  

What are the leaders in email doing right, and how can brands replicate their success?

Power Retail takes a deep-dive into dotmailer's Hitting the Mark Australia edition, commenting on the successes of retail brands The Iconic and SurfStitch. Rohan Lock, Regional Director of APAC at dotmailer, highlights that although 80% of Aussie retailers aren't segmenting their audiences, the future of email is bright. Email is in a constant state of evolution, and to attract and retain customers, marketers will need to integrate emerging tech with their existing strategies.    

More sophistication required from Australia's online retailers

Which-50 Media has featured an informative video with Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA Network, and dotmailer Regional Director of APAC, Rohan Lock. Watch the video to learn about the Aussie brands that are hitting the mark with their email marketing, as well as those falling short. 

Growing your business via a cross-channel approach

Tink Taylor, Founder and President of dotmailer, discusses how important it is for retailers to implement a cross-channel marketing strategy. The increasing popularity of multiple social media platforms has seen cross-channel consumers become the norm. They are engaging with brands on several fronts and the expectation is that businesses need to provide a seamless experience across all channels.

#TemandoTips: inspired from Hitting the Mark Australia

Aparna Gray, Head of Marketing APAC at dotmailer, shares her top #TemandoTips. Commenting in Temando, Aparna discusses the Australian edition of Hitting the Mark, delving into the top-level findings and marketing practices of Aussie retailers.  

Nine top GDPR tips for email marketing

IT Pro highlights the ways businesses can stay on top of GDPR, with supporting commentary from Skip Fidura, dotmailer's Insight & Strategy Director. In what's been a period of fear-mongering in digital marketing circles, Fidura argues that there's no need for businesses to panic. 

Hints of excellence, but few Australian retailers deliver great email marketing experiences

Some leading Australian retailers demonstrate strong capabilities in email marketing, but few do so across the board, and stand out performers remain the exception and not the rule. Most retailers are still leaving substantial money on the table by failing to execute the basics well.

GDPR is an opportunity for SMEs

GDPR, easily thought of as punitive and draconian, should instead be considered as an opportunity for SMEs to become better data stewards, comments Skip Fidura, Insight and Strategy Director at dotmailer.  

Businesses are still struggling to use digital marketing tools effectively

London loves Business draws out key themes unearthed in dotmailer's 2018 Hitting the Mark report. The study found that two-thirds of brands are still not using any form of audience segmentation, failing to take into consideration the individual preferences and needs of their customers. Subsequently, they're inspiring little action in the inbox.  


How do Australian retailers stack up against their US and UK rivals?

PowerRetail looks at the key differences between Australian and US/UK retailers in the global edition of Hitting the Mark. The annual benchmark report conduced by dotmailer analyzes the email marketing strategies and customer experience of 100 global brands, highlighting their winning tactics and common pitfalls.   

Brands down under overlook simple digital marketing tactics

Internet Retailing digests the findings from dotmailer's annual Hitting the Mark report. One regional trend spotted was that Australian businesses are overlooking some of the most basic digital marketing capabilities and are likely missing out on substantial ROI as a result. Although only one Australian brand (The Iconic) ranked in dotmailer’s list of top 10 global brands, the retailer did come second over all. 


Which Aussie retailers are nailing their marketing strategies?

PowerRetail delves knee-deep into dotmailer's Australian edition of its benchmark report, Hitting the Mark. The extensive study examined the email marketing practices and customer experience of 20 APAC brands, highlighting how the leaders are getting it right and areas where the laggards are going wrong.  

How to grow your customer engagement with landing pages

dotmailer Founder & President, Tink Taylor, takes a closer look at how website landing pages can help boost customer engagement and drive more online revenue. Technology has completely revolutionized how consumers buy products, and while many now find themselves time poor, it's essential marketers provide a concise and relevant offering that cuts through the noise. 

CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 26 April 2018

dotmailer has taken the wrappers off new #OmniChannel features aimed at enhancing its existing marketing automation platform. With a host of new channels now available, including SMS and Facebook Messenger, automated retargeting across Google AdWords and Facebook Audiences, and in-email product recommendations, this development aims to empower brands to engage more effectively with their customers. Check out the full story in CMO Australia.

GDPR: failing customers should be a bigger worry for businesses than official penalties

IT Pro comments that GDPR fines shouldn't be the biggest concern for marketers. According to Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, businesses should be more concerned about the reputational damage that arises from not acting in customers' best interests. 

GDPR: An opportunity for SMEs

GDPR: Report, providing all the latest news and comment on GDPR, features in its article commentary from Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer. In this piece, Fidura discusses the GDPR in an opportunistic light, stating that companies should better their practices in line with the new regulations.  

Marketers are being hamstrung by ageing technology

Rapid technological growth has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to seperate marketing strategy from technology. Tink Taylor, President & Founder of dotmailer, talks to Which-50 Media about the need for martech companies to update their archaic systems, for technology that can accommodate the modern demands of the ecommerce industry. To keep up with consumer preferences, the dotmailer platform offers indsutry leading omnichannel capabilities. 

Think locally, act globally. Don't miss out on the opportunities to grow.

How can you grow globally and think locally at the same time? Tink Taylor, Founder & President at dotmailer, gave his advice on this issue at the 'Go Global Think Local' event in Hong Kong earlier this month. Tink was joined by speakers from Shopify Plus, SmartOSC and Jess Haoran Chen from Lumos Helmet. 

2018: The Year of Experimentation in Marketing

Tink Taylor, dotmailer Founder and President, looks at how brands are experimenting with data to enhance the customer experience. 

Consumer tricks to game the system

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, presents his ideas on how to effectively engage with today's savvy customers. Drawing inspiration from dotmailer's whitepaper, titled 'Gaming the system', Fidura comments in Bdaily News that consumers will actively opt-in to emails or abandon their online carts in pursuit of discounts. Brands are being outmaneuvered by hyper-consumers and need to respond by getting to know their audiences better.  

Consumer and consent are at the heart of GDPR

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, provides commentary for Minutehack on the GDPR and its simplistic core principles. Both consumer and consent will play a big part once the law comes into effect on 25th May 2018.  

How small businesses with limited resources can win big with ecommerce

Regional Director of APAC for dotmailer, Rohan Lock, discusses how small businesses with limited resources can establish an effective ecommerce presence that captivates new and existing shoppers. 

GDPR to inspire opportunities for businesses

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, presents his view on the GDPR in BQ. With stricter rules and heavy financial penalties for non-compliance, the GDPR is a significant step forward for data privacy and consumers’ rights.

Preparing retail marketers for the GDPR

dotmailer Founder and President, Tink Taylor, talks through the implications of GDPR for Australian retailers trading in Europe. 

Three ways to ensure a seamless customer experience through CRM and email

Rohan Lock, dotmailer Regional Director for APAC, examines how CRM and email marketing can be key drivers for successful campaigns. 

The five blunders commonplace among email marketers

Skip Fidura, Strategy & Insight Director at dotmailer, comments in Bdaily News on the five most common mistakes made by email marketers, evidenced in the benchmark report Hitting the Mark.

Securing consent - GDPR for marketers

GDPR: Report features an article written by dotmailer Strategy & Insight Director, Skip Fidura, focusing on GDPR consent. The arrival of the regulation is a big step in enshrining consumer data rights in law, and ensuring organisations are pushed to act in the interests of these rights.

Three ways to take marketing automation to the next level

Marketing automation continues to be one of the biggest martech success stories of the past few years.

5 Customer Segments You Should Target this Holiday Season

The festive holiday shopping season incorporates every milestone of the shopping calendar in terms of traffic, sales revenue and ROI. An effective segmentation strategy is the most efficient way to bag holiday shoppers. If you haven’t got anything in place yet, don’t panic.

dotmailer acquires omni-channel messaging player

Email marketing management vendor, dotmailer, has acquired Comapi, an omni-channel messaging platform, for an undisclosed sum.

4 ways to upgrade your Christmas email campaigns

It won’t be long before the year’s biggest holiday season is upon us, but the good news is there’s still some time left to prepare.

Beating the System: How to Engage with Savvy Customers

From the ancient Greek markets of Agora through to our Sunday trip around the supermarket, humans invariably seek out the best deals and discounts when shopping. In the digital era, things are no different: communities of ‘super-savers’ have set up websites, forums and message boards to share the latest tricks and tips so that their members can beat the system – your system.

Prepare for Peak Holiday Shopping

As retailers worldwide prepare for the end-of-year shopping season, how is your online retail business planning to tackle the holiday rush? 

Everything you need to know about progressive web apps

Recent studies show that only about one-third of US smartphone owners download any apps in a typical month. This reflects that application downloads have considerably declined in recent times, with web-browsers gaining popularity and continuing to be considered the most trusted platform by users. 

Marketing Automation Christmas Campaigns – Tips by dotmailer and Balance Internet

Early in September, Balance Internet, dotmailer and Braintree hosted an intimate dinner with a group of retailers to discuss fraud prevention and marketing automation leading into Christmas.

Traditional Marketing is Still Valuable in the Digital Era

An increasing amount of marketing resources are being directed to digital platforms. But don’t overlook some traditional business functions, ones that are valuable from a marketing standpoint.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Email Marketers

Even though these well-known retailers may have hit the top spot as the most influential brands in email marketing, complex business operations, advanced technologies or big budgets are not needed to gain success from email. These brands simply used smart tactics and techniques to get their customers’ attention online and these methods can be adopted by anyone and everyone.

Graduate entrepreneur: Tink Taylor, founder of dotmailer

Tink Taylor shares his journey to entrepreneurship after graduating from the University of Brighton. 

Improving Lives With Email: Learning From Asthma UK

In the UK alone, 5.4 million people have asthma. This means asthma affects one in every 11 people and one in five households. Every 10 seconds, someone is having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack, and on average, every day three people will die from one attack.

Consumers ‘abandon baskets to secure discounts’

UK consumers admit to abandoning online baskets in order to secure bigger discounts, new research has found.

Savvy shoppers: Consumers admit to ‘abandoning a basket’ to secure a bigger discount

New online research by leading email marketing platform provider, dotmailer, shows consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to seeking discounts online.

Online shoppers using tricks to get discounts on the rise (1)

Online shoppers in the UK are becoming increasingly adept at playing online retail sites to get discounts, using fake details and abandoning baskets to grab bargains.

Consumers admit to ‘abandoning a basket’ to secure a bigger discount

Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to seeking discounts online and able to ‘game the system’ to secure the best deals.

Consumers Admit to “Gaming the System” to Get Best Deals Online

Consumers are learning to game the online shopping system, according to research by email marketing platform provider dotmailer which reveals popular tricks used by shoppers to secure the best deal.

Interview with the Founder & President of dotmailer

This weeks interviewee is Tink Taylor, Founder & President of dotMailer, the email marketing platform of the dotdigital Group PLC (LSE: DOTD). dotMailer enables companies to use transactional and behavioral data to design, test and send automated email campaigns.

Why AI-powered marketing is still a fantasy for most brands

Over the years, broadcast media like television and radio have made mass communication the norm. From nationwide advertisements to recurring commercials, marketers adopted a universal approach when it came to reaching out to their customers.

Retaining Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Research shows that it’s the returning online customer that spends nearly double of what new customers do – discover how to use your email marketing to boost customer loyalty.

The Five Most Common Mistakes Made by Email Marketers

Returning a potential £30 for every £1 spent, marketers can't afford to play fast and loose with email. Dotmailer's Skip Fidura shares five points to avoid in order to hone your mailbox comms and keep your unsubscribes to a minimum...

Paul Greenberg and Tink Taylor Fireside Chat

Founder of NORA Paul Greenberg interviews Tink Taylor, Founder and President of dotmailer about the importance of email marketing.

5 Tips to Connect With Customers and Drive Revenue Via Email

We know that email is a powerful marketing channel that can deliver returns of more than $38 for every $1 spent, yet our latest report shows that most online retailers are leaving money on the table.


As e-commerce continues to evolve, brands need to be innovative in how they engage with mobile customers. With 79% of all online retail sales projected to be completed via smartphones by 2021[1], brands need to deliver more mobile-friendly experiences, as well as find consistent communication channels to remain relevant.

Why successful e-commerce companies are content creators

According to recent reports, Australia’s online sales are expected to exceed $32 billion in 2017, placing it in the top 10 of the world.

dotmailer & Shopify partner to offer data-driven, personalised emails

dotmailer is an email and cross-channel marketing automation platform. The company has announced that they will join the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program.

Ecommerce and email: the perfect pairing

Rohan Lock, Regional Director of dotmailer in APAC, shares his thoughts on why email is the perfect channel for ecommerce. 

Pros Share their BEST Email Marketing Content EVER

My team and I reached out to others in the marketing industry to see if they had a brag-worthy email with inspiring metrics they were brave enough to share. And did they ever!

Shopify Launches Technology Partner Program

As Shopify Plus disrupts the world of enterprise software, the Technology Partner Program has been created to assist in the development of the next generation of retail for high-growth, high-volume companies and brands.

dotmailer Partners With Shopify Plus To Drive Targeted Emails

dotmailer, the provider of an email marketing platform, is joining the Shopify Plus Technology Partner program, allowing users to leverage the technologies of both firms. The news was announced at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.

Three Things No One Tells You About Email Marketing and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the sexiest conversation in email marketing at the moment, but few marketers are ready for it. Here's what the buzz doesn't tell you, and what you can do now to prepare for an AI-empowered email marketing future.

Top of Mind: 5 Ways to Stay Active When You’re Busy

Our Founder & President Tink Taylor shares his advice on finding the time to stay active when you're busy.

Content-Led Vs Offer-Led Email Marketing

Traditional understanding of email marketing has a strong emphasis on offer-focused emails as they’re perceived to be the most effective in ensuring a successful sale. In fact, recent stats showed more than half of consumers choose to join mailing lists in order to receive promotional sales or discounts.

Walk before you run: Marketers must get the basics right before they turn to AI

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a very rich history, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the technology began to move forward at a significant pace.

Australian Retailers Compete with Global Giants

In the last few years, well-known international brands like H&M, Zara, Gap, as well as Japanese companies like Uniqlo and Miniso, have established operations in the Australian marketplace. So, how can local retailers stay competitive?

Email marketing in the age of the customer

Whether you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, e-marketing has become a mission-critical business tool. Find out which tactics have helped British companies rank among the top e-marketers.

The Bottom 90: Best And Worst Email Practices From Dotmailer

All praise is due to Best Buy, J. Crew and other brands that made into dotmailer’s top ten email matchup, “Hitting The Mark.” But what about the other 90 retailers? What did they do wrong? 

Syrup Seller Sweetens Conversions 20% Via Email Segmentation

With very distinct differences between its B2B and B2C customers, France-based gourmet flavor and syrup manufacturer Monin faced a pressing need to segment its email marketing campaigns to provide the most relevant, engaging content to potential buyers.

Dotmailer & Microsoft: Aussie investment with local data centre

Microsoft Azure’s got a new partner – dotmailer, an email marketing automation platform. Dotmailer was established in 1999 and has operations around the world with 200 employees servicing B2C and B2B enterprise and SME clients.

Hitting the Mark: New report outlines the best in the email marketing industry

Dotmailer, a leading email marketing platform provider, has today released its Hitting the Mark report, a deep dive into the email marketing strategies of 100 influential global retailers.


Digital marketing can be a bit of a mystery to many small business owners who already have so much to keep track of. From selling, planning to merchandising – there are simply too many things that are competing for attention. While many would agree that digital marketing could be beneficial for their business, simply knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

Better Together: Social Media & Email Marketing

In this installment of our No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts blog series we are tackling the topics of social media and email marketing—specifically the relationship between the two. We've tapped email marketing experts from SparkPost, dotmailer, Return Path, Adestra and Benchmark to share their thoughts about how these two powerful marketing channels can work together.

Monin Stirs Up Sales with Email Segmentation

The premium syrup and concentrate manufacturer uses purchase, engagement, and preference data to deliver the right message to the right customer.

Mind the gap

Retailers big and small have much to learn when it comes to online performance, and even the smallest innovation in their operations could make a huge difference, writes Sally Ratcliffe.

Brands: Is it time for an email cleanse?

It could be time for email marketers to do a bit of spring cleaning - in the form of an email data cleanse. An email expert explains why.

Tech talk: Multi-device identity and reach, video content, in-flight hackathon

Our latest adtech and martech roundup briefs you on news from Taboola and MediaWorks; ComScore; Mosaicoon; dotmailer and SmartOSC; AOL and UPS Studios; Drawbridge and Adform; and Hack Horizon.

Creative Opinions on AI

Tink Taylor provides his comment on the AI landscape for Creative Pool.

dotmailer Partners With SmartOSC

Email automation company dotmailer and ecommerce agency SmartOSC will work together to provide online marketers and merchants throughout the region with marketing automation solution.

Two senior marketers tell us what they're looking for from superstar juniors

dotmailer's Skip Fidura and Vend's Nick Houldsworth tell Jess Pike about the talent they’re on the hunt for and what it takes to keep the most promising recruits in the job.

No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts

When it comes to ROI, email is still "the law of the land," outperforming social media and other marketing channels by a landslide. That said, if you don’t have a triggered email campaign in place you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Want to Boost Your Email Open Rate?

It’s no secret: any type of email marketing strategy, even those that include beautiful looking templates filled with engaging content, can only be effective if they’re opened in the first place.

Is A Third Time In Congress The Charm For The Email Privacy Act?

The Email Privacy Act, a persistent attempt to update the antiquated U.S. electronic privacy law, has returned to Capitol Hill for the third time since 2013. The bill aims to amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986, which created a legislative framework that impacts internet communications to this day.

How start-ups can get the most from digital marketing

Starting your own business means you suddenly become the owner of several hats – one for selling, one for bookkeeping, one for planning, one for looking after customers and one for marketing to name but a few. By Tink Taylor. 

6 Steps to Upgrade Your Next Email Campaign

Digital marketing will continue to play an increasingly significant role when it comes to marketing strategies. Research conducted by Forrester projects that by 2019, marketing leaders will spend more than US$103 billion on email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising and search marketing in the USA alone.

One in Ten Marketers Admit Email Campaigns Aren't Relevant

Email remains ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for the majority (95%) of marketers, but less than one in 10 (9%) say all their emails are relevant to their customers.

The Future Of Digital Marketing In Six Questions

Skip Fidura, client services director at dotmailer, gives his take on the future of marketing and how he expects the industry to impact businesses.


Big data has transformed the way business interact with their customers. Marketers can now harness data from previously untapped platforms, such as personal social media profiles and online and offline purchasing habits. By Tink Taylor.

Marketers aren't confident their email is relevant: Report

You’ve got loads of email subscribers opening your messages. Good for you. But do they really like what they’re receiving? Are you sure?

Less than 1 in 10 marketers believe their emails relevant to customers

New insights into email marketing from the UK's Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reveal that, while both consumers and marketers both love the channel, consumers continue to say they get too many and irrelevant emails from brands.

One in ten marketers admit their emails aren’t relevant to customers

Email remains ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for the majority (95%) of marketers, but less than one in 10 (9%) say all their emails are relevant to their customers, according to new research.

Omnichannel: Understand Your Customer’s Journey

To continue fulfilling the evolving needs and expectations of the modern consumer, retailers need to meet them across all channels. Omnichannel retailing is no longer ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a must-have for any online retailer.

The Future of Email Marketing & How to Prepare

In the last five years rapid technological advances and changing consumer expectations have dramatically altered the marketing landscape. Discover 5 key ways to ensure good email marketing habits for your online store.

The digital detox phenomenon in 5 charts

January is the month of self-improvement, a time to hit the reset button. Now, along with the juice cleanses and dry Januaries, there’s growing chatter about a different kind of cleanse: the digital detox.

Using email marketing to drive charity support

FEARN SANDISON, email marketing officer at MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, explains why email marketing is becoming integral to the charity’s overall communications and fundraising strategy, and shares how it has used specific tools and techniques in order to drive the business of its online shop.

3 strategies to push email growth

Email continues to be a strong contender for customer engagement, despite the fact that it's been around for decades. The key is to putting the right strategy in place to push email engagement and growth. Here are three strategies to do so.

Holiday Marketing Hacks: Tried-And-Tested Tactics To Grow Your Mailing List At Christmas

If there’s one time of the year where you really need to capitalise on your contacts list, it’s the holiday season, says regional director APAC of dotmailer, Rohan Lock, in this opinion piece.

Six ways to drive maximum value to your events

It’s an age-old marketing conundrum – how can marketers deliver maximum ROI from events? Jess Pike speaks to those in the know to find out.

Catch and keep your customers

Understanding customers and how to give them the best brand experience should be at the top of every business’s priority list.

5 Email Marketing Tips to Smash Pre-Christmas Sales

Christmas is one of the most crucial periods of the year when brands need to absolutely nail their email marketing. Discover 5 effective email marketing strategies for the silly season.

The key to deliverability and the importance of a successful email marketing campaign

In the marketing industry today, it is not enough to simply have great email content. Marketers need to ensure it reaches the right inboxes at the right time. Tom Corbett, Experian, offers a guide to getting the most out of email deliverability.

Mobile Shopping: How to Please Your Digital Customer

Useful insights on how to improve your online consumers mobile experience in today’s digital multichannel age, via email marketing.

Deborah Lippmann's Six Tips for Polishing Your Email Strategy

The cofounder and managing partner of the luxury nail lacquer brand shares his best practices for sending successful emails this holiday season and beyond.

Top 5 tips for email marketing

Executing a robust email marketing strategy centred on the customer will play an important role in helping you to build lasting relationships with those customers. Getting it right involves delivering the content that most resonates with your readers which in turn provides cut-through against the plethora of other emails hitting people’s inboxes on a daily basis.

Email Marketing a Critical Element of Customer Engagement at Deborah Lippmann

Email marketing will be a critical element tied to customer engagement during the upcoming holiday season for Deborah Lippmann, a global brand of beauty products used by various A-list celebrities.

How this university team is improving email marketing on a shoestring budget

Business manager for Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence shares how a new digital marketing platform is helping improve efficiencies while still offering audience segmentation opportunities.

Five ways marketers can improve customer experience through email

Marketing is all about personalisation. If your customers receive inappropriate communications, they’re likely to switch off and take their business elsewhere. Today, consumers expect the way brands speak to them to be tailored to their past habits and preferences; after all, they’re the ones with the buying power.

10 Email Habits That Annoy Your Customers

Think about all the emails you receive every day. How often do you notice something that is so irritating that you can't even read on? What started out as a promising email exchange quickly spoiled, and the convo hit your Trash.

Turning Buyers Into Brand Advocates

Understanding your customers' journey will help increase repeat sales and boost the love of your brand.

dotmailer to Utilize Microsoft Azure to Drive Expansion and Innovation

dotmailer, a provider of platform for cross-channel and email marketing automation, has announced that it is looking at Microsoft Azure to help it in its drive for global expansion and fortify its focus of bringing efficient, reliable, and fast technology at the disposal of marketers.

How Slendertone Used Wearable Tech to Reengage Customers by Email

Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and body shape. It was the first company to produce an electro-muscle stimulation toning belt cleared for market by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has gone on to sell over 6.1 million products worldwide.

Five Tips for Building your Email List Strategy

Email remains one of the most powerful digital marketing tools and Tink Taylor, founder of dotmailer, has some tips on building your email list strategy.

dotmailer Named First Email Service Provider to Receive EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification From the U.S. Department of Commerce

dotmailer, a leading global email and cross-channel marketing automation platform, is the first email service provider (ESP) to receive the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification from the United States Department of Commerce.

Six Email Habits That Are Alienating Your Customers

Businesses depend on email as the glue that pulls marketing tactics together, yet many otherwise-savvy marketers misuse email in a way that ultimately alienates customers.

Five Reasons Email is the Essential Digital Marketing Channel

Despite the growing range of digital marketing channels available to retailers, email remains the essential channel for engaging customers and gathering data.

Customer experience should be at the heart of retailers’ communications

It’s hard to imagine a more symbiotic relationship than a retailer and their customer, which is why it’s understandable that many retailers are putting major focus on customer experience (CX).

How to make email an effective customer relations tool

For consumers to spend money with you, they need to trust you and feel valued. One of the best marking channels that companies can use to engage with customers is email, but the inbox is a competitive environment.

Tis the season - Why Customer Experience must adapt to changing Seasons

The changing of the seasons has a great effect on our purchasing behaviours as consumers. It’s vital for customer experience (CX) to align with customers’ interests, and the time of year and big seasonal events can change the way in which consumers want to be communicated with. 

Dormify Doubles Down with dotmailer

The e-commerce company can now send out relevant and personalized emails to capture the attention of shoppers.

Dormify Decks Out Its Email Marketing With Automation and Segmentation

The home décor brand for young adults experienced a 92% increase in email revenue by introducing segmentation and enhancing its welcome series and shopping-cart-abandonment messages.

How to: Acquire and retain your customers

Tink Taylor, founder and president, dotmailer, talks us through his top tips for B2B customer acquisition and retention.

Dormify Cracks Millennial Code, Gaining 92% Revenue Boost From Targeted Email Marketing

With a consumer base largely consisting of young adults moving into a college dorm or first apartment, online home décor retailer Dormify needs to ensure that its marketing messages are heard loud and clear.

Email marketing may not be dead, but is it moving in a new direction?

Email marketing is at a data personalization crossroads. How can companies personalize email data when that data is spread across cloud and on-premises? And what about data security concerns? As Barb Mosher Zinck reports, Dan Roy of MessageGears thinks he has an answer.

Email Marketing Software A Must-Have

The marketing technology in highest demand is email software, according to a recent study by dotmailer. 

Three Keys to CX: Email Automation, Segmentation, Personalisation

Rather than batching and blasting emails, use a strategic approach that sees you tailoring email content to relevant segments for better impact.

Dormify’s Successful Email Marketing Strategy

The email-marketing channel proves to be an important one for marketing to millennials. According to a recent survey by Adestra, 68% of teens prefer to engage with businesses through email, as opposed to 7% for both text and push notifications.

Email Marketing Tops Advertisers' Software Must-Have Lists

When it comes to marketing technology, email software remains at the top of the must-have list for many marketers around the globe.

dotmailer Launches U.S. Partner Program to Help Digital Agencies Grow Their Business

New Program Helps Marketers Ramp up Their Email Marketing Channels to Provide More Services and Sell More Retainers.

Dormify And The Magic Of Email Marketing To Millennials

Dormify, a dorm decor startup, seems to have cracked the email marketing code for millennials and Gen Z buyers.

How Automated Email Marketing to Millennials led Dormify to a 92% Lift in Revenue

Millennials and Gen Z are an audience that is heading toward spending $1 trillion yearly in the U.S., and marketers are still learning how to best reach these demographics.

8 tips for marketing to millennials online

Marketing and social media experts discuss the best ways to target and engage with consumers in their 20s and 30s.

42 Tools to Keep Marketing Plans on Track

What is the point of marketing? Is it to identify with your target audience? To get your brand name known and recognized , or is it designed to simply boost your sales and generate you a tidy income? Every company will have a specific reason as to why they utilize marketing, developing campaigns to fulfill a purpose.

How email can deepen customer relationships and transform online conversions

When considering great customer experience (CX), it can be helpful to picture a shopkeeper.

dotmailer Partners with Engage Digital to Deliver Best-in-Class Marketing Automation

dotmailer, the leader of email marketing automation in the UK, is all set to join hands with Engage Digital, a MicroChannel company, which therefore became an official channel partner for the company in Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Automation can help put the customer at the heart of a business

When Harry Gordon Selfridge first established his famous department store on Oxford Street in 1909, he used ‘the customer is always right’ as a guiding principal. It’s an admirable notion, but easier to pull off in a one-on-one context. As technology has introduced more and more touchpoints for the customer to interact with brands on, it has complicated our ability to put the customer at the centre of the business’s world.

Email Marketing: Ecommerce store sparks a 92% increase in email revenue with three automated series

Lifestyle brand and ecommerce store Dormify wanted to maximize the impact of its email communications by ditching batch and blast and adopting relevant, automated email series.

20 Tips To Boost Ecommerce Email Marketing Results

There is no denying it; email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is. For eCommerce businesses, it is the difference between making a good living and hitting the big time.

Denver Retailer Improves CX Through dotmailer Parnership

As brands continue to leverage new technologies in an effort to engage customers across multiple channels, Denver-based Store of Lingerie (SOL) is following suit with the recent announcement of a partnership with dotmailer. The collaboration seeks to improve personalization efforts and build loyalty with customers who may have felt disengaged prior to the improvements.

Magento Imagine: What CX means in 2016

As a technology partner, dotmailer falls into the latter category, with our ‘dotmailer for Magento’ connector. Our in-house Magento developers have spent months working on rebuilding our Magento 1.x connector using the new, clean, optimized code base that Magento 2 requires – all the while being tested and audited by Magento.

Dotmailer founder: Email is the key to unlocking consumers digitally

Founder of email marketing automation vendor talks to CMO following the launch of its Australian operations on best-of-breed technology versus marketing cloud stacks.

CMO's top 10 martech stories for the week

All the latest marketing and ad technology for the week from SugarCRM, dotmailer, DotCMS, NetEngine, Pinterest, iTalent and Oracle Eloqua, Blab, Blismedia, Qualtrics and Interactive Intelligence.

5 reasons marketers should be toasting the inventor of email

With the passing of Ray Tomlinson, founder and president of dotmailer Tink Taylor shares how marketers can make the most out of email.

The Rise of B2B Mobile Decision Making

There are some pretty big changes afoot in the B2B sector when it comes to purchasing decisions. It’s now less about how they’re being made and more about who’s making those decisions and the process in which they’re happening.

23 Thought Leaders Every Online Marketer Should Know

Now more than ever it’s important to surround yourself with influencers in your industry if you want to succeed online. This is how you build your own following, how you learn about the latest trends and stay up to date, earn more social shares and visibility, build natural links, and more.

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