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Prepare for Peak Holiday Shopping

As retailers worldwide prepare for the end-of-year shopping season, how is your online retail business planning to tackle the holiday rush? 

Everything you need to know about progressive web apps

Recent studies show that only about one-third of US smartphone owners download any apps in a typical month. This reflects that application downloads have considerably declined in recent times, with web-browsers gaining popularity and continuing to be considered the most trusted platform by users. 

Marketing Automation Christmas Campaigns – Tips by dotmailer and Balance Internet

Early in September, Balance Internet, dotmailer and Braintree hosted an intimate dinner with a group of retailers to discuss fraud prevention and marketing automation leading into Christmas.

Traditional Marketing is Still Valuable in the Digital Era

An increasing amount of marketing resources are being directed to digital platforms. But don’t overlook some traditional business functions, ones that are valuable from a marketing standpoint.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Email Marketers

Even though these well-known retailers may have hit the top spot as the most influential brands in email marketing, complex business operations, advanced technologies or big budgets are not needed to gain success from email. These brands simply used smart tactics and techniques to get their customers’ attention online and these methods can be adopted by anyone and everyone.

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