Personalization & targeting

Give your contacts the one-to-one experience they expect, and give your business the results it deserves.

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Get personal and get noticed

Use dotmailer to send the right content at the right times to the right people. The days of one-size-fits-all email marketing are well and truly over.

Lifecycle communications

From dynamic email content to personalized landing pages, dotmailer lets you deliver and drive people towards the content that gets reactions and results.

See how easy it is to be personal

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Dynamic content

Create and send custom-made customer emails at massive scale.

Use your data to get personal

Just because you’re sending one email doesn’t mean the content inside needs to be the same for everyone. With dynamic content, you can:

  • Pull in personalized information to your emails and landing pages at the touch of a button.
  • Add your customer’s name, purchased or recommended products, location, birthday or even details you’ve collected from a dotmailer survey.
  • Increase revenue by pulling in relevant upsell and cross-sell content, based on customer behavior and profile.
  • Use Insight data on customers’ interests to communicate in a way that feels like it’s a one-to-one conversation
  • Integrate user behavior from with other systems like Magento, Salesforce, MS Dynamics to show even more customized content.


Improve conversions by segmenting and targeting groups of contacts.

Drag & drop queries

Whatever type of customer data you hold – geographical, transactional, social interests or behavioral – you can use it to segment your contacts into meaningful groups.

Better still, our drag & drop segment builder makes targeting with precision quick, easy and effective.

Auto-manage external segments

With native Google AdWords and Facebook Audience integrations in Program Builder, you can auto-manage the audiences you re-target across other platforms and networks.

You can ask your program to add sub-sets of contacts, based on their actions, to existing or new audiences. Get more bang for your buck with smarter re-targeting. 

Personalization with automation

ELEMIS uses automation to deliver a better customer experience.

Our automated campaigns enable us to have a personal conversation with our customers, but at massive scale.

Jonny Steward, Head of Ecommerce, ELEMIS

Advanced personalization

Initiate compelling one-to-one conversations. The only limit is your data.

Utilize data with ease

Collect more data and insight from your customers than ever before – from website behavior and engagements to past order history. Then, put this data to work fast to create compelling, targeted and highly relevant communications that talk to your customers on a truly personal level.

You're in control

You can set multiple rules and send to multiple segments, all completely customized. It’s the best way to deliver content that resonates and drives up your revenue.

External dynamic content

Pull real-time content from around the web into emails and landing pages.

Use external URLs

Enrich your campaigns by using content from external URLs. Retrieve real-time information from any URL endpoint and display it to different segments in your database.

Personalization at scale

Send the same campaign to thousands, with a completely customized element of HTML for each different audience group. How about that?