dotmailer for Magento

A Platinum partnership for online retailers

Benefits at a glance

  • Manage all marketing from a single sign-on in the Magento admin console.
  • Seamlessly sync all contact and transactional data across the two platforms.
  • Build multichannel marketing automation campaigns, quickly and easily.
  • Create beautiful emails and optimized landing pages with our easy-to-use drag & drop UI interface.
  • Quickly create advanced segments using demographical, transactional, geographical and other data sources.
  • Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with automated abandonment, re-engagement and loyalty campaigns.
  • Enhance brand loyalty with rewards campaigns, wishlists, product reviews and recommendations.
  • Send branded transactional messages from order confirmation to password reminders directly from dotmailer.


dotmailer, like Magento, makes ecommerce easy for retailers. The two together make sure every customer’s journey is monitored, segmented and personalized, via a seamlessly integrated marketing automation platform. Certified by Magento as the first and only Platinum Technology Partner for marketing.

Easily and quickly you'll be able to discover:

  • What your customers like, what they don’t.
  • When your customers buy, when they don’t.
  • When they’ll open an email from you – and when they won’t.

We help small retailers grow into large online businesses and have the tools for both Magento Community and Enterprise Merchants. And we're also Magento 2 ready.

The dotmailer functionalty spans the B2B world through features such as lead scoring and nurturing, international translations and currencies.

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Built to work together

Unlock the potential of your data

Load your customer data in minutes

It’s quick and easy to import your Magento customer data into dotmailer. Upload your data quickly with simple-to-use tools, that mean you can get on with other things while dotmailer pulls in all your data. Our dedicated migration team can help with any queries. We can also do custom integrations with your back-end systems.

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Grow your database

Create up to 400 data fields to store information against customers in your account. The more useful data you can collect on them, the more you can segment, target and personalize your campaigns and generate better response rates.

Using dotmailer’s automation tool, Program Builder, a welcome series is the simplest and fastest program retailers can implement.

Skip Fidura, Client Services Director, dotmailer

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Personalize every email


dotmailer for Magento helps you talk to your customers one-to-one

The more personal your emails, the greater your ROI. dotmailer makes it simple to create precisely targeted campaigns that are relevant to, and will engage with, your customers.

  • Retail segmentation based around account creation, total spend, total no. orders, AOV.
  • Behavioral segmentation based on customers who purchased X or customers who have Y in their carts.
  • Send offers to customers who only purchase with discounts.
  • Segmentation based on RFM analysis to provide your best, worst,  loyal, churning or lost customers.
  • Geo-segmentation using dotmailer's heatmap tool

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