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Customer Experience - Joining physical and digital

Discover ways to combine digital and physical customer experience

Focus on Travel - Make your email marketing take off


The travel industry, like many sectors, has had to learn to adapt to new ways of delivering customer experience and acquiring customers. The way consumers shop for vacations has changed drastically. The web is now the primary place for research and bookings. Among all the companies in the travel industry, it is email that serves as the most important component of the marketing strategy. Our whitepaper explores the range of emails used by these companies and draws lessons to learn from each.


Businesses being able to mix the digital and physical worlds for customers are no longer in the realm of the future, they need to be able to do it now. So how do you adapt your offering to both accommodate and leverage this trend? Earlier this year Econsultancy brought together a range of senior digital marketers to discuss customer experience and digital marketing tactics at Digital Cream London 2016. In this guide, we share the ideas discussed by expert digital marketers at this event.

  • Gain insight from a range of experts in the digital marketing world
  • Learn the importance of mixing the digital and physical for an enhanced CX
  • Discover how brands are approaching this new trend
  • Understand how to budget for joining the online and offline