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Managing preferences

The new way to slice and dice your audience

To master your marketing, you must know what your subscribers want, and what they don’t.

With our latest release you can create a preference center in minutes. Capture your audience's interests to target them with content you know they'll appreciate. Apply across your campaigns, surveys, forms and programs to get awesome insight into your customers.

Product recommendations

The proof is in the product recs

Save time and increase relevancy with in-built product recommendations.

Start simple or go all out with AI-powered recommendations. Using our drag-and-drop block you can choose from four types of recommendations:

  • bestsellers;
  • most viewed;
  • trending, and
  • personalized using machine learning.

We've taken care to solve marketers most common problems when creating relevant content at scale. From data enrichment to real-time image resizing, we've got you covered.

Integration improvements

More control for ecommerce

Demand on ecommerce sites is getting higher, so we wanted to ensure you're getting the best out of them.

If you're on Shopify or Shopify+, you’re in luck. Our latest release includes great new features, like improved abandoned checkouts. Catch contacts 30 minutes after they abandon your checkout. If you want to give them a little more thinking time, that’s possible too. We’ve increased the flexibility of your coupon codes. You can set a minimum order value or make the coupon redeemable against a certain category only.

We also now support split database for all version of Magento 2 upwards. It comes as standard, bundled with Magento 2.3. Speed and stability of your site is everything, and with this update, it's all but guaranteed.

Branded resubscribe

A roadmap favorite

It's important that all your campaigns look the part and your brand is recognizable at all times. A firm roadmap favourite, branded resubscribe was one of our most upvoted fixtures.

Since you asked, we listened. To get started, set up your new triggered campaign, insert your resubscribe link, and update your resubscribe settings in Contacts > Advanced Features.

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