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Commerce Flow: a steady stream of data

With support for industry leading ecommerce platforms.

dotmailer’s Commerce Flow will soon be able to connect to over 50% of the world's online stores, enabling retailers to engage their customers and drive record returns. Connecting your online store to dotmailer will mean that contact, product and order data automatically flows into your account to supercharge your email marketing.

If you are using Shopify, Shopify Plus or BigCommerce you can link your store now. In the coming weeks we’ll also support WooCommerce and Shopware.

Engage customers and drive sales

Our drag & drop program builder lets you build out automated email programs with speed and ease. Once you’ve set up Commerce Flow you can automatically mail new subscribers to engage every new contact. Plus, if you're on Shopify or Shopify Plus you can design a campaign for someone who doesn’t complete their checkout to recover lost revenue

Connect your BigCommerce store

The new Asia Pacific instance:

Faster, smarter, better email marketing for APAC customers.

We’ve now launched our third instance of dotmailer. Our new Australian region brings improved performance and enhanced security and privacy for customers in APAC. Harness the combined power of a physical data center in Sydney with Microsoft Azure’s cloud technologies for security and encryption.

A truly global platform

Three regions, 150 countries and a faster service for over 80,000 marketers. Our growing global coverage guarantees you uncompromised access to your email marketing platform wherever you are in the world.

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Transactional emails the EasyEditor way

Control over your transactional templates.

The power of your brand should remain firmly in your hands. That’s why we’ve transformed our transactional capabilities to give you more control over your service emails. Unleash the functionality of EasyEditor on your transactional campaigns; create and update templates with ease and without the need for tech wizardry.

Want to amend or change your transactional template? No problem. We'll combine your content, personalization and template automatically on send.

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Deeper insight into sender reputation

A better way to nurture deliverability.

We wanted to make it easier for you to positively affect your deliverability metrics. Our new in-app overview of your sender reputation allows you to see the previous, current and predicted reputation associated with your account. Plus you can now drill down and access the five indicators that make up your overall reputation level. Quickly understand the areas to improve and ensure every campaign achieves optimum deliverability.

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Faster in-app web behavior tracking

Capture, store, and target with ease.

Web Behavior Tracking lets you act on your contacts’ browsing activity after they’ve clicked through from an email. Better target your customers with intelligent campaigns that prioritize relevancy. Plus, we’ve streamlined the process, giving you time back to focus on your strategy.

Better performance at no extra cost

Even if you’re already using Web Behavior Tracking, you can benefit from the optimized features with no need to migrate. Plus, our improved infrastructure brings you reliability and scalability to help you cope with surges in traffic: upgrade to our new Javascript to experience much faster loading times.

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EasyEditor: improved user experience

You called, we answered. Our latest EasyEditor addition has you in mind.

Geographical segmentation for Australia and Canada

Up to now our geographic segmentation tool would let you target contacts in the UK and US by simply drawing on a map. We’ve now added support for contacts in Australia and Canada, enabling you to produce a mapped view according to the postcodes or zip codes in any address books or segments that you select

Who’s got the button? You have.

Your enthusiasm for buttons has been duly noted. No longer confined to email campaigns, you can now build buttons in landing pages to better direct, capture and track visitors to your site. Style-sensitive and fully customizable, this new functionality facilitates conversion at the click of a… button.

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dotmailer roadmap: we’ve gone public

Never miss a trick. Get exclusive access to our strategy.

Transparency is important to us and we want you to know what we’re working on. That’s why we’ve published the dotmailer roadmap in the settings menu of the platform. See what’s in the pipeline for your email marketing provider; keep track of our improvements in progress, new features coming soon and future developments we’ve set our sights on. Applaud new features to show your support, and follow the progress of improvements at your leisure.

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Join the 17two webinar

Dive deeper and see all the newest release features in action

Ensure you're up to date with the latest enhancements to the dotmailer platform. Our training team will walk you through the new features including Commerce Flow, our new transactional email functionality and Web Behavior Tracking.



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