A top marketing automation platform for email

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems:

Create advanced email marketing automation programs with ease

A comprehensive marketing automation tool

Email marketing automation cuts down on creation and admin time so you can focus on what matters more to your business. With dotmailer’s email marketing automation tool, we make it easy for you to set up sophisticated campaigns that deliver return on investment and drive up incremental revenue.

A premier email marketing automation platform includes more than just a tool for setting up the campaign: We enable you to extend with extra tools like a predictive function, email follow-up extensions that automate messages to cart and site abandoners, and multi-channel extensions.

With our automation Program Builder, you can simply drag and drop your customer journeys onto a visual board. You can use customers’ behaviors and actions to dictate the next moves of the campaign using decisions, delays and triggers (e.g. did the recipient click on the embedded link? Or when did they last open one of your emails?)

The automation Program Builder lets you map out the customer lifecycle that makes sense for your business and, once your campaign touch points are set up, will keep delivering the goods. dotmailer is one of the top marketing automation platforms for a reason: it enables you to send personalized communications to the right people at the right times, automatically.

Targeted automation for effective marketing

Don’t waste your time engaging with the wrong people. With dotmailer’s Engagement Scorer, you decide on the criteria for scoring your target audience based on their engagements with your campaigns. A generated score lets you know their value in terms of how likely they are to convert and if they need more time to be nurtured.

Staying in touch with the people behind the scenes of your company can be just as time-consuming as staying engaged with customers. Multi-channel extensions let you do things like send SMS as part of your automation program or instruct your printers to send a brochure to a prospect. Just decide the criteria for what triggers an automated response (e.g. low stock on a product) and let out a sigh of relief as you realize you don’t have to panic when stock is low and you forgot to call the delivery guy.

On the customer side of things, dotmailer lets you integrate with a selection of apps that extends your reach with customers. Whether you post an announcement on a Meetup page that is relevant to your business or run a special through Eventbrite, you can reach an audience that is interested in your brand through a new channel.

Reach and retain the right customers

Optimize the entire automation process with dotmailer’s autoresponder options. Avoid tricky pitfalls like reaching out to a prospect who just converted or contacting a customer too often. Autoresponders let you decide the frequency that a campaign reaches an audience based on their engagement level, and makes sure to remove people from campaigns once they’ve completed certain steps. You can also incorporate split-testing to continually learn, refine and optimize.

The process doesn’t stop once the person visits your website and starts shopping. The sale hasn’t been made until the shopping cart is checked out, and a potential sale is lost if you abandon that customer when they abandon their cart. dotmailer allows you to automate follow-up emails when an abandoned cart incident occurs, and makes it even easier by integrating with most ecommerce platforms. That customer almost converted so don’t let them go so easily.

You can find out more about how dotmailer’s Program Builder can help your business on our marketing automation page.

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