I found Hitting the Mark hugely useful. It was great to be able to benchmark internally across our sector to help guide our strategy.

Ashley Hubbard, Ecommerce Manager at Grenson
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  • 6 Sectors
  • 3 Regions

Key findings

Hitting the Mark 2018 reveals that brands are neglecting to nurture their subscribers through data-driven email marketing automation. As a result, they’re missing out on lucrative short-term wins, as well as long-term opportunities to inspire loyalty.

Across the board, businesses still have some way to go in delivering intelligent, relevant messages that add real value to the customer journey. Consumers’ soaring expectations aren’t being met, and those that fall behind will, sooner or later, be swamped in the inbox by smarter senders.

56% of businesses still fail to send an abandoned cart email

2/3 of brands are not practicing segmentation when context is what matters most

53% of the companies in our study didn’t request a review, and their low aftersales performance is preventing advocacy from flourishing

Businesses scored an impressive average of 87% for user experience, helping to maximize their online conversions

Only 13 of the 100 brands sent editorial-only campaigns to enrich the subscriber journey

How do the brands compare?

We've plotted a handy graph to help you compare brands' email maturity and customer experience, as well as their overall performance against this year’s winner. Download the report to find out who tops the charts!

Regional trends

This year we’ve widened our net to include multiregional brands spanning the US, UK and APAC. Here's a sneak-peek of the geographical trends we've identified.

  • UK


    Companies from the UK have a tighter grip on editorial-rich content

  • USA


    US brands are most attentive to preferences and behavioral data in their email campaigns

  • Australia


    Businesses go the extra mile in requesting aftersales feedback

A note from the author

Since the first edition went to print ten years ago, Hitting the Mark has become a strategic resource for marketers around the globe. Writing the 2018 edition has been an eye-opening experience; it’s given me tremendous insight into brands’ strategies, revealed surprising trends across sectors and regions, and allowed me to compile thought-provoking observations that I hope will inform your year ahead. Hitting the Mark is the only benchmark report of its kind, comprising a depth of research unparalleled in the industry. My intention for this year’s offering is to impart best practice and guide serious marketers to accomplish their long-term goals.

I hope this study inspires you to be that marketer.

Christopher Cano, Content Executive at dotmailer

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