Feature Release: Engagement Scorer

Ben Staveley, from dotmailer Products Team presents to you dotmailer’s Engagement Scorer functionality.

Scoring your contacts on their identity and engagement with your brand means you benefit from improved ROI, increased conversion rates and the kind of quality customer relationships that result in retention, trust and lifetime value.

See how easily you can set up scoring in dotmailer and how this feature integrates seamlessly with your automation programs and landing pages.  

Watch the on demand recording of this 30 minute webinar, now - by registering below.



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Register to watch now

Your key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Assign scores to known web visitors based on their behavior and engagement with your website and online store
  • Create as many rules as you need – set up scores based on email opens, downloads, competition completions, job title, purchase history…the list is endless
  • Pass on hot data when they meet the set criteria
  • Automatically filter out contacts who don’t meet your requirements, freeing up your time to concentrate on warming up the other contacts or generating more
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