dotmailer Channel Extensions

Stuart Gill from dotmailer Products Team presents to you dotmailer’s multichannel marketing functionality.

Multichannel marketing gives your customers a consistent brand experience wherever and whenever they engage with your brand. Your most powerful competitive differentiator. To do this you need one platform which pulls your data, campaigns and channels into one place. 

Watch this 40 minute webinar to find out how easy dotmailer makes multichannel marketing with its Channel Extensions. Automate your marketing across multiple channels including email, SMS, direct mail, social and the web.


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Come away armed with the knowledge and power to:

  • Reach the right customer with exactly the right message at exactly the right time

  • Spend less time creating campaigns and get better response rates

  • Strengthen your brand by creating consistent customer experiences across all channels

  • Automate your marketing across multiple channels including email, SMS and direct mail

  • Connect with your CRM, ecommerce platforms and any other technology providers you use

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