dotmailer SMS powered by COMAPI

The marketing channel with a 90% read rate

The channel that gets your message across

Global bulk SMS that works in 156 countries.

2-way SMS with global coverage

SMS is an effective marketing tool that enables you to cut through the noise when other channels can’t. And with 156-country coverage and 2-way messaging capability, you can communicate with your global customers via the medium most convenient to them.

Outstanding engagement rates

In the 2017 DMA Email Tracker, consumers prefer email as a means to stay in touch with brands. But as inboxes become increasingly cluttered, SMS is the overlooked tool in the marketer’s armory that’s proven to get your message across: 90% of recipients read new text messages within 3 minutes.

Smarter SMS technology

Mobile marketing with greater flexibility.

Multi-use messaging that covers ARN

From alerts and reminders to notifications (ARN) and surveys, COMAPI’s 2-way SMS provides a flexible, interactive platform in which to project your brand’s key messages. What’s more, you can use data from the dotmailer platform to personalize texts beyond first-name salutation.

SMS with no limits

Consistency is a critical aspect of marketing. With COMAPI customization capabilities, you can send branded SMS and set up easy-to-remember short codes that let your customers text message your team.

Automated omnichannel messaging

SMS that's made for dotmailer's Program Builder.

Create unforgettable experiences

In a world where a customer journey may begin on one channel and close on another, businesses are adopting marketing automation to close the gap on consumer expectations.

Marketing automation delivers personalized communications at massive scale, creating powerful human conversations at key points in the customer lifecycle. COMAPI SMS integrates with the automation Program Builder so you can trigger emails and text messages based on customer interactions and insight.

Case study: Aston Scott

Personalized text messaging is driving renewals

I can use SMS to remind people of the number of days to renewal or other product-specific information, and even include the name of the relevant account manager and their phone number to encourage their response.

Ben Read, Aston Scott

Uncomplicated campaign measurement

Top-level insights that show your team's impact.

See opens and clicks

Track SMS-level performance with the straightforward reporting suite.

In real time you can see how many people have opened your SMS, giving you a top-level overview of the campaign’s performance. It’s possible to get more granular, too, with the option to see how many people have clicked links from your campaigns and how many people have replied.

Marrying SMS and email

Discover why these 2 channels make the perfect couple

SMS shares several similarities to email as another ‘push’ channel that enables you to deliver messages directly to your customer. The 2 channels can provide you with nurturing power and, when combined in automation programs, are primed to supercharge your engagement strategy.

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