Our story

From a pub in South London to a multinational, award-winning business.

It all started in a pub in Croydon (we even have the original tables and stools in our London Bridge HQ). Our foundations go back to 1999 but it was in 2002 that the dotmailer platform was born. Today, we’re a growing global business with an ever-increasing team. Cheers to that!

The dotfamily

Spread across continents, but still one big (and proud) dotfamily.

It’s not all hard work

From summer and Christmas parties to dotlunches and team outings, our dedicated dotcommunity makes sure there’s always a healthy balance of work and play.

The dotfoundation

We’re a caring bunch (if you hadn’t guessed already). That’s why we feel strongly about not only supporting charities, but the software development industry as a whole.

Room to grow

Many of our employees have grown with the business and now hold senior positions. So if you’ve got the ambition, we’ll provide the time and support to help you develop.

The benefits

The lowdown on all the juicy details when you join our team.

Find us on all the professional networks

Find us on all the professional networks

What our team says

Hear it from the people who matter most.

Andrew Gretton
Andrew Gretton
Andrew Gretton Head of Feature Development

At dotmailer, change is constant, and it’s been exciting to see the company develop and grow so much over the years.

Ranelle Yorke
Ranelle Yorke Developer

As a developer, it can be difficult to find a company where the overall balance just works – at dotmailer, I have thankfully found that!

Shantelle Collins
Shantelle Collins Campaign Manager

dotmailer is a beautifully smart platform, and employs great, sociable and friendly people.

Darryl Clark
Darryl Clark Global Head of Technical Solutions

The level of skill and knowledge that our technology team possesses is a thing to behold and they aren’t afraid to share it. Everybody here has the ability to influence the product no matter what level you are at. It’s all about the idea, not the job title.

Jennie Myring
Jennie Myring Head of Training

At dotmailer you feel like you’re working for the winning team. And with a pretty darn cool group of teammates too!

Pamela Zoni
Pamela Zoni Campaign Manager

I really enjoy working at dotmailer, especially within my team. I feel there is the right team spirit that encourage collaboration and enable creativity.

Louisa Smith
Louisa Smith
HR Assistant

Everyone at dotmailer is knowledgeable and helpful, making it a great place to work.

Tanya Moreira Bain

Tanya Moreira Bain Senior Account Manager

I love working for dotmailer, you constantly feel like you are evolving with the times & with the best team!

Nyree Ashby
Nyree AshbyHead of Account Management

At dotmailer, change is constant, and it’s been exciting to see the company develop and grow so much over the years.

Nicky Rogers

Nicky Rogers
Head of HR

Working at dotmailer is a challenging and extremely rewarding experience. 

Brands and partners we work with

Being experts in our field we work closely with our clients helping them with their top-level strategy. Having fewer clients, enables us to focus and understand the business better. Together we plan and build road maps to ensure we are pushing the email program forward and achieving more with the tools they have at their disposal.

Brett Willis, Key Account Director