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Program Builder

Just got more powerful 

Calling all Program Builder aficionados: you can now connect your multi-channel campaigns to retargeting lists in Google AdWords and Facebook Audience. You can manage these connections from the new ‘channel management’ tab in the account settings menu.

If you’re not as familiar with Program Builder, or what benefits marketing automation can bring to your business, why not check-out our new program templates? From re-engagement programs to omnichannel programs spanning email, SMS, and more, you won’t be stuck for ideas.


The GDPR is (almost) here

Don't lose touch... with ConsentInsight

ConsentInsight is our answer to your GDPR woes. ConsentInsight lets you store, export and manage consent data. This way, you have more control over who is receiving communications from you, and you can prove it too. ConsentInsight is accessible via individual contact records and is available as Insight Data too.

Implementing double opt-in?

We’ve launched GDPR program templates to make re-permissioning a little easier. If you still feel you need a helping hand, speak to your account manager about our consent maintenance programs.


We're building a future-proof platform

Big data problems? We're ready to solve them

Our partnership with Google lets us shift huge data workloads in a time that other platforms simply can’t match. Built on BigQuery, dotmailer now lets you store and apply billions of rows of business data in a fraction of the time. This means ambitious marketers can create infinitely complex segmentation, personalization and automation programs.

Best foot forward with best-seller product recommendations

If you’re already sync’ing orders and products with dotmailer, you’ll now see the ‘product recommendations’ block in EasyEditor. You can choose how many products you want to display, how you want to display them and make other formatting edits.


Smarter ecommerce marketing

Turn "Yeah, maybe..." into "Yes please!"

In a world where attention spans are increasingly fragmented, sometimes all it takes is an extra nudge. Whether your customer gets distracted mid-browse or second-guesses the contents of their cart – just apply these conversion-boosting features for sales-cycle success.

  • Abandoned cart in EasyEditor is now available to all our ecommerce customers
  • Shopify coupon codes are here to stay! No longer a beta feature, you can choose to apply a set value discount, a percentage discount or free shipping. 
  • Keep track of your re-permissioning programs and sync opt-in types from dotmailer to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. 
  • Magento to dotmailer opt-in type since now also available 





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