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New in Program Builder: push notifications

Extend your omnichannel reach 

We want to make sure you’ve got the latest omnichannel tools in your marketing kit. With Program Builder, you can now send automated push notifications to increase app engagement and drive app sales. 

The benefits? App sales are expected to shoot up to $188.9billion by 2020 (Statista, 2018). When it comes to converting your contacts on mobile, push notifications can help remind them that your app is right there, on their device.

Personalize your strategy

Instantly amplify relevancy in your push notifications for a deeper customer connection. Segment and apply data fields for granular targeting at scale. You can use push notifications to share news on app-exclusive sales, free shipping promo’s and even service reminders.

Automation safety

Move the needle 

We want you to feel safe, organized and empowered with your marketing automation. Got a program that looks ready but too scared to hit ‘Go’? We’ve added features to steady your hand.  This way you can sense-check your segments before you send and make sure your ROI is bang on the money.

The gift of time back 

Stressing about your programs can be a drain on your resources. We’ve brought ‘copy existing’ functionality to program builder so you can apply existing segments to your nodes at the click of a button. Remove the rebuild process, reduce the margin for error – and get time back to focus on customer experience.

Empowered integrations

Fighting fit post-GDPR

We all know the devil’s in the data. Recent events aside, we want you to feel confident leveraging the tools you’ve invested in. 18three brings you some significant improvements to the way your integrations manage and sync your valuable contact data:

  • Sync consent data from Magento to dotmailer and maintain ConsentInsight profiles
  • Clearly differentiate between subscriber and customer contact data – and who exactly you sync with your dotmailer address books
  • For Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers, prompt a one-step re-subscribe directly from your CRM or dotmailer suppression list
  • Sync all your product categories from Magento to dotmailer for richer customer sales data profiling and smarter targeting



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