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Integrated social sharing

We're all about Social - and so are your customers and prospects!

Back at the start, dotMailer was the first Email Service Provider to offer trackable, social sharing functionality in email campaigns.

These days, integrating social media marketing with your email marketing is an essential piece of every marketer's strategy.

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Track, analyse, optimise

With this nifty social sharing tool, you'll enable your recipients to share your email on their social networks with a mouse click.

Through dotMailer's reporting suite you can then track the number of social shares and social views per campaign.

Use this invaluable data to identify the best performing social network links specific to your audience, and extend your social media reach even further.

Real-time reporting, print-ready graphs and powerful analytics

With dotMailer you can track your recipients’ behavior right through to your website and conversion page – with full click path reporting.

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Instantly create data segments based on geographical metric

With this genius tool, you'll see at-a glance where you best customers and prospects are located, even if you don't have their address data.

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See which devices and inboxes your emails are being opened in

Getting your email templates right, means knowing accurately what your recipients are using to read your emails on.

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Report and track
your campaigns
social shares

Track your campaigns with real-time, contact-level reporting and presentation-ready printable reports.

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