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Easily build email campaign landing pages
to boost your conversion rates

As a dotMailer user, you can access one of our KILLER tools

Our Landing Page Builder tool really is unique to dotMailer and one of the power features that bowls marketers over when we demo it.

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Create dedicated campaign landing pages in minutes

dotMailer's Landing Page Builder tool gives you the power to create and edit your own dedicated email campaign landing pages that look and work exactly like they're part of your website.

dotMailer hosts the landing pages for you, so you never have to wait for help or resource from your IT team, or website managers.

You can do it all yourself, quickly and easily, creating landing pages that boost the response rates, conversion rates and ROI of every email campaign you send.

You can use the Landing Page Builder tool to quickly and easily create totally professional looking:

  • Campaign landing pages
  • Competitions
  • 'Thank you' pages

...just about any kind of landing page you need - without having to involve designers, developers or IT.

This is going to save you some serious amounts of money!

Discover drag & drop
campaign editing

Easily layout, design, redesign and customise your own email templates, with absolutely no HTML coding.

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Personalise your email campaigns in seconds

By personalising your emails, you'll achieve two goals - higher response rates and higher ROI.

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Drop rule-based dynamic content into your emails

Dynamic Content is a powerful way to automatically target your email campaign content to each individual recipient.

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Grow your email reach through social sharing

You'll see our philosophy of making things easy for you, in full effect with our drag & drop social sharing tool.

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