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Build branded, integrated online surveys in minutes

dotMailer's leading-edge, integrated online survey and form-builder tool makes it so easy for you to create great looking online surveys, forms, competitions and response devices.

Now you can build customer engagement, and grow & enrich your database with minimum effortand maximum results.

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Easily create professional online surveys and webforms that integrate with your email database

dotMailer Survey* empowers you to build and enrich your email database using easy-to-build, great-looking online surveys and webforms.

All the data you capture through dotMailer survey can be fed automatically back to your dotMailer email lists, so you can add, enrich and append any data you choose - no need for re-keying, exporting reports or uploading files.. Plus you can automatically pre-fill your surveys and forms with data you already hold on your contacts in dotMailer, to boost form submission rates.

On top of all this, dotMailer Survey automatically updates your database segments in realtime, as you build the profile of your contacts, and lets you easily create triggered email campaigns based on survey and webform submissions.

*Available at an additional monthly charge

Fully branded surveys without the need for designers, or developers!

With dotMailer Survey you can create branded surveys that are fully integrated with your email campaigns so the user experience is seamless.

Our CopyKat tool lets you brand your survey so it looks exactly like its part of your website or landing page - just by typing in the URL of the page you want to clone!Drag and drop editing means you can create any design of survey you want, and do it all yourself - in a matter of minutes - no need for developers, coders, website designers or IT!

Build customer engagement and grow your database

Online surveys, forms and competitions are a great way to engage with your customers, capture data and build and enrich your email database.With dotMailer Survey you can create great-looking, branded surveys, capture all your data, report on it and automatically feed it back into your email marketing and address book to drive targeted campaigns.

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campaign editing

Easily layout, design, redesign and customise your own email templates, with absolutely no HTML coding.

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Personalise your email campaigns in seconds

By personalising your emails, you'll achieve two goals - higher response rates and higher ROI.

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Drop rule-based dynamic content into your emails

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