dotmailer for Magento

Powerful, personal email marketing for online retailers

Benefits at a glance

  • Synchronise all customer data.
  • Store orders, baskets and wishlists for every customer.
  • Segment customers on their purchase behaviour.
  • Automate email triggers such as welcome series or post purchase feedback.
  • Report on ROI and page visits from each email campaign.
  • Lost baskets including the basket contents.
  • SMS order notifications.
  • Unique coupon codes for any promotion.
  • Product recommendations, dynamically include product recommendations in emails.

Unlock the potential of your customer data. What did you do spend the last hour doing? Inputting data? Fiddling with the layout of your next bulk email? 3600_TechnologyPartnerBadges_Gold.png

What if, instead, you’d created a beautiful, tailored campaign aimed at your top-spending customers, with links to the products they’d browsed recently? From beginning to end. In one hour.

And what if, first thing tomorrow morning, you could analyse exactly how that campaign had performed, in seconds?

Engage your customers and increase sales with dotmailer – an email system built to work perfectly with Magento. It’s powerful and easy to use, so you achieve great results quickly.

dotmailer for Magento helps you put your customer data to work. Fast.

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Unlock the potential of your data

Load your customer data in minutes

It’s quick and easy to import your Magento customer data into dotmailer. Upload your data quickly with simple-to-use tools bulk ftp upload means you can get on with other things while dotmailer pulls in all your data. Our dedicated migration team can help with any queries. We can also do bespoke integrations with your back-end systems.

See integrating data

Grow your database

Create up to 400 data fields to store information against customers in your account. The more useful data you can collect on them, the more you can segment, target and personalise your campaigns and generate better response rates.

With dotmailer for Magento our AOV has doubled and we are seeing over 5000% ROI on our email marketing

Holly Leigh-Harvey, Ecommerce Manager Cabbages & Roses

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Personalize every email


dotmailer for Magento helps you talk to your customers one-to-one

The more personal your emails, the greater your ROI. dotmailer makes it simple to create precisely targeted campaigns that are relevant to, and will engage with, your customers.

  • Retail segmentation based around account creation, total spend, total no. orders, AOV.
  • Behavioral segmentation based on customers who purchased X or customers who have Y in their baskets.
  • Send offers to customers who only purchase with discounts or  new-in campaigns to those who never buy discounted products.
  • Segmentation based on RFM analysis to provide your best, worst,  loyal, churning or lost customers.
  • Geo-segmentation using dotmailer heatmap tool

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