A platform built by marketers, for marketers

As marketers ourselves, we understand what you need. A flexible platform that helps you create, automate, test and send emails in minutes. With dotmailer that's exactly what you get.

It’s what’s helped us become the UK’s No.1 email marketing automation platform.

  • So easy to use, you'll be up and running in minutes
  • Gives you time back to plan your future marketing
  • Integrates quickly and easily with your existing system
  • Solutions for corporates and SMEs

dotmailer allows us to do things we have only dreamed of before.

Amberley Sherman. Marketing Manager at Cazenove + Lloyd
Platform features

dotmailer is a simple, but powerful platform. At your disposal are nine essential functions designed to help you target the right customer at the right time with the right message. Even better, there’s new features and benefits added every two weeks so we grow as you do. 



You can load mailing lists and data straight into dotmailer, all in a matter of clicks. Then access it, and use it, sooner than you think in a smarter, more focused way. 

Loading data. It’s loads easier thanks to dotmailer



Maintaining your sender reputation and maximizing your email delivery rates is paramount. Our surveys and forms technology quickly and easily helps you achieve both aims. 

Protect your reputation and improve delivery rates



Target your customers like they've never been targeted before. Whatever type of data you have on them – geographical, transactional or behavioral. It's as easy as drag-and-drop.

Build sophisticated segments in seconds



EasyEditor, our drag-and-drop email creation tool, ensures you get the look and feel of your campaigns just right. Working naturally alongside your existing systems, it allows you to personalize the campaign to each customer.

Build beautiful campaigns faster, easier, better



dotmailer is the ideal choice to help you with the essential task of marketing automation Our Program Builder enables you to automate key streams of your email marketing in minutes, so you get time back to focus on other things.

Cut costs, increase productivity and drive revenue



Sending the right email to the right person with the right message is essential to your success. Split-testing tells you what content works better against another. Scheduling and Throttling means you send out the right amount at the right time.

Cut through the inbox and improve your ROI



We make it easy for you to track, compare and analyze your campaign results. For example, you can tell at a glance who opened your email, who read it, where and when they visited your site.  Our in-depth reports will show you up-to-the-minute delivery and open rates.

Reports built by marketers, for marketers



dotmailer helps you manage, compare and report on multiple marketing teams activity. Our Corporate Console lets you manage different email marketing accounts for each brand, location and marketing team – all under one, centrally controlled account.

My account. My ideas, my style, my way



Our team is there to help yours. A 24/7 helpline. Account Management. Award-winning strategists. UK-based data centers. Free webinars and whitepapers. User forums. The list goes on. Whatever kind of help and support you and your team may need, we’re right here to provide it.

What you need, when you need it

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